Merry Christmas!

A new day, and new ding on Eli.

I have no idea how he did it. He jogged sound on it, so he’s just getting a reprieve from hard work. I’ll be icing, poulticing, and wrapping this holiday. And walking a lot under saddle.

Up until this new ding, I had actually got in some interesting and also very good rides on Eli. On Saturday he was excellent. So I guess as long as he’s in regular work, he’s good to go.

Under saddle, we have been able to get in more of the slower sitting trot work and excepting the first time I asked for it again after his time off for the stitches, he has been very game about it and even light in the bridle. Once he figures something out, he is very, very amenable to doing it.

We have rain in the forecast again, but I have planned to rest Eli for about a week to see if this swelling on his right hind resolves. I will still be taking him on walks under saddle, and I see no reason for him not to be turned out (unless it’s muddy). His performance on Saturday reminded me of just how good of a horse he can be, so I am not as concerned as I was after a few really testy rides just after he came back into work after the stitches came out.

And if you have Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket already, the sale has stuff up to 70% off! I am wearing the Erna top right now and it’s on sale, too. So comfortable and perfect under a sweater!

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