No Work? No Brain.

Eli does well as long as he has a job. When he has no job, he does dumb things like unplanned exits from “limited” turnout. The longer he goes without work, the weirder he gets. After he got his stitches out, I still didn’t ride him for a few days, more due to my work schedule and physical health than him needing more time off. But I finally got on him last Thursday, and we really just walked around for a while, with some trotting and even less cantering. The highway was closed on Friday right around rush hour, so I didn’t have much time after work at the barn that day, and just curried Eli, which he enjoyed.

I rode him Saturday, doing mostly walking, some trotting, a little bit of cantering. Physically, Eli felt fine. On Sunday, I mostly stuck to walking again, because Eli was very reactive and seemed to be experiencing a bout of head-shaking, which happens to him on cool, bright, windy days as Sunday was. We briefly had a loose horse to contend with, and what little brain Eli had evaporated. So I stuck with more walking around before dismounting.

looks good, no?

Second verse, same as the first. And the third. Monday was more of the same — walking and an attempt at trotting. As I was trying to figure out if Eli did indeed feel off to the left, he turned into a bouncy house filled with demonic toddlers. I had to pick up a prescription before my pharmacy closed, so I elected not to pick a fight, although now I am concerned he is lame. We’ll see tonight, I guess.

the ears of a maelstrom

8 thoughts on “No Work? No Brain.

  1. When Niko is bored he looks for things to spook at, lol. Then we get to play the “can you touch with your nose?” game, followed by the “yes, you can walk/trot/canter by it without giving it a death stare” game 😉


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