It’s Cyber Monday and Eli’s Not So Smart

Eli hasn’t been able to do too much because of the stitches in his left hind fetlock, but he *was* allowed to go in the round pen … until he jumped out of it.

I turned him out in the round pen one day last week, in hopes he would at least play a little, stretch his legs, get a good roll in, etc. Once I got him out there, he just kind of milled around, rolled, and generally seemed content. I went back into the barn to grab something, and shortly heard the unmistakable sounds of a loose horse frantically trotting up the far barn aisle. I thought, oh no, who got loose? And around the corner comes Eli, looking utterly lost and terrified. Yes, terrified. Not only did he jump out of the round pen, but he scared himself doing so. He was shaking and his heart was visibly pound in his chest. He trotted right up to me like, MOM HELP NOW. I got him calmed down and chucked him in the smallest dirt turn out, where he proceeded to mill about and lick dirt. Not genius-level.

pre-clip, post-dorm nap time … he just does not look that sleepy

Well, anyway, I also managed to get his ears clipped and ride him once over the long weekend, just at the walk. I used Dormosedan oral gel to sedate Eli, and while he wasn’t super sleepy, it worked well enough that his reaction times were significantly slowed, which felt much safer than wide-awake Eli. He’s not afraid of the clippers, he just doesn’t want them buzzing in his ears. Can’t really blame him. He did seem startled at the sensation of clipped hair falling down his face, and he keep shaking his head, so it took longer than I had hoped to get his ears done and they look a bit chopped up, but it is DONE. When he pressed his head into my chest while I was doing the outside of the left ear, I knew I had broken his soul and he would stop being such a ninny and just let me finish, ha!

100% less fuzzy, more irritated

I can’t believe I did not get a between the ears shot from the one time I rode Eli this weekend! It was a gorgeous day, and we just walked a lot, did some leg yield and 1/4 turns on the haunches. Eli seemed very pliable about all of it. His stitches come out today, which hopefully will be a good thing! I am going day to day with it, and not making any plans.

BUT, today only with coupon code CBMON, 50% off everything at! Now would be a time to grab those GHM breeches you’ve been eyeballing. Or maybe you need a new Lettia girth? That’s definitely Eli’s favorite girth!

And I also just got on Poshmark, which may have been a mistake — you can find me @patentlybay if you are looking for deals on good jeans and party dresses. I may list breeches, too, but that doesn’t seem very common. I have a pair of the new navy, silicone knee patch Romfh Sarafinas in 28L that I have only worn twice and the L part just doesn’t work for me. Worth a try, but I think I should sell them — maybe for $80? I love them, but I am 100% an R, not an L. Oh, well. Any tall Sarafina fans out there?

14 thoughts on “It’s Cyber Monday and Eli’s Not So Smart

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  1. OH Eli! How big is that round pen. Thank goodness he didnt hurt himself further. glad you got his ears done. and glad you got to ride him too at least once 🙂 Horses they love to scare the shit out of you don’t they??


  2. Rio got a little nervous the first time he jumped out of the ring and came right back to me. The second time he realized freedom was awesome. Horses. Glad Eli was ok after that adventure!


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