Black Friday Equestrian Gift Guide

Who likes to shop on Black Friday? I don’t usually, but that doesn’t stop me from browsing sales and picking up of things for rider, dog, and horse that I have grabby hands for.

It’s probably pretty obvious that I love all things Botori and I inexplicably want things I normally wouldn’t want, like white riding tights. But they are Botori, and I LOVE them.

A friend has these and she posted a picture in her instagram stories and now I need them. It’s that simple. I love the Botori pom-pom beanies, too — the pom-pom beanies seem to be everywhere this season and Botori’s are cute and reasonably priced, so how can you say no to stuffing one in your favorite equestrian’s stocking?

I reviewed the Add Back George Morris breeches a while back, but if it is even possible for me to like a different style even more, let me talk to you about the George Morris Derby breeches. I have the green ones and I love the fit. The waist is slightly higher and roomier than on the Add Back breeches, and the zip pockets are great for stashing a few treats for Eli. My shirts also stay tucked into these better than on lower-rise breeches.

maybe not the best picture but I’d take another pair of these in wine


A very similar breech with a snugger fit (I sized up in these) are the Equine Couture Beatta breeches. I have them in safari and I wear them in lessons a lot.

I have shown in them, too!

One of my favorite shirts to wear to the barn or even to work with a blazer is a Le Fash shirt. They are having a pretty good sale for Black Friday, and they regularly have shirts on sale on their website all year. Every once in a while I luck out and one of the shirts I really like goes on sale. But then they posted a Paulo Alto shirt in a new color, and it is not on sale. I have a feeling it will sell out before it ever has to go on sale. How perfect are these shirts for Texas weather?

My last selection may seem a bit impractical or fantastical at first, but I say, why not bring back capes? And why not make them useful? Asmar has created a cape for riding, and I kind of love it!

Let’s just bring back capes, y’all.

So this gift guide would not be complete without selections for the horse and for the dachshund. Let me just get this out of the way — sometimes dog clothes can be as expensive as people clothes. Perhaps you find this distasteful, offensive, or ridiculous. I don’t care. I love these coats:

Dachshund Couture offers luxury wear tailored specifically for dachshunds of all shapes and sizes. This is literally my dream retailer. Very few dog clothes are long enough for Conrad, but these are designed for exactly that! The Rothko is my personal favorite.

There IS one brand of sweaters not made specifically for dachshunds, but they all without fail been long enough for Conrad, and those are Chilly Dog Sweaters. You can find my full review on the reviews page of this site. They are extremely well-made, and very warm, which is perfect for Conrad one our walks in chilly winter weather.


One of the most economical dog toys I have ever bought for Conrad are the Otterly Pets rope toys off Amazon. Conrad enjoys these toys immensely, and I am not worried about him tearing them up like he would a stuffed or stuffingless animal toy. They last! Four toys for under $10 is a really good deal.


I haven’t forgotten about Eli … probably he just wants carrots and apples and shoulder scratches for Christmas, but there are a handful of things for his care that I have my eye on. The first are the Wahl KM10 clippers that I already have. I highly recommend these and have a full review, too.

Back on Track is one of those brands that are constantly updating their selection while remaining true to their purpose — therapeutic products for horses, dogs, and people. I have the Quick Wraps and they see a ton of use. I have always considered buying the mesh sheet for Eli, but just haven’t yet. In some ways, I am glad I haven’t because they recently came out in colors. What says “festive” more than a burgundy mesh sheet?


Back on Track now also has a shaped pad, which I am very, very tempted to get for Eli.

I’d like to get my hands on it in person first, to see if the contour at the withers is high enough for TB withers. Other than that it looks so soft and fluffy that I just want to take a nap on it.

And one last thing for Eli … Elastikon. He’s going through it pretty quickly just now, but keeping some on hand might be a good idea for any future incidents Eli might bring upon himself. It’s not cheap, but Stateline Tack seems to have a good selection of sizes and has very good prices on the stuff.

At least sheet cotton and vet wrap is pretty cheap.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend of eating and shopping and decorating or whatever it is y’all are choosing to do to celebrate the season and give thanks.




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