Wrapping and Stitches Update

tackling the fuzzy ears this week maybe

I have nothing exciting to report, which at this point I am assuming that is a good thing. Eli FINALLY got to go outside for a little bit because the round pen finally dried out. His stitches can’t get wet, and I don’t think he should have too much room because I DO NOT want a popped stitch. The wrap stays on until the stitches come out, though, so his injury is protected. The stitches (and presumably the wrap) can’t get wet, so Eli is limited in what he can do.

he’s getting bored

Perhaps my wrapping has improved? I am still not satisfied, but I am going to have to re-do the wrap 2 or 3 more times. Eli’s stitches are scheduled to come out on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Perhaps over the the time off I have from work, I can do some tack walking with him instead of just hand walking? Only if it stays dry, though!

first attempt
second shot at it
third time’s the charm?

After asking a vet friend what the amazing cotton/poly wrap roll might have been, that the vet had put on Eli, she said it was probably cast padding, which might be infinitely easier to work with than the sheet cotton roll I have. It looks about the size of a roll of vet wrap or Elastikon, so that’s my next purchase if I run out of the sheet cotton.

Eli’s stitches still look really good — no real swelling, and nothing nasty oozing from the wound. Every time I rewrap it, I slather neosporin on a non-stick bandage pad and stick that right over the stitches before following with all the other stuff. The pad does come off with some dried blood on it, but it’s not very much. It seems to mostly stay in place, but I don’t want to risk him running around in a larger turn out so he is stuck with round pen turn out for now.

This whole not riding thing is making me about as twitchy as Eli is!

this is not exactly a work out

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