I Won’t Quit My Day Job

Eli managed to cut his left hind in his stall somehow, so he got stitches on Monday. Wednesday was the day to change the wrap.

Such innocence …

Eli was actually very good about it, and didn’t seem overly sore or sensitive and didn’t try to kick me even once. So, yay? Anyway …

Please compare the original wrap job and my wrap job.

the professional wrap


the not professional wrap

I have no plans to go to vet tech or vet school … clearly my path of book-larnin’ was a correct one. I am very good with book tape. On books.

Also, I am one of those psychos who completely unrolls the vet wrap and re-rolls it loose so that I don’t wrap it too tight. Can’t really do that as well with Elastikon but I wish.

undoing the professional wrap. less bloody than I thought it would be.

Eli’s leg looked great when I took off the wrap. I expected swelling and oozing and there was neither. I am just going to keep hand walking him as much as I can for now. The stitches stay in for 10-14 days and I can’t get them wet, so we are somewhat limited by that.

11 thoughts on “I Won’t Quit My Day Job

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    1. I am pretty nervous about where the stitches are, so he is only allowed hand walking and maaaaybe next week some very limited turn out in a small, dry round pen. If it’s not dry, no turnout.


  1. I don’t think your wrap looks bad! Also if it makes you feel better- elastikon doesn’t really tighten down like vet wrap will, so as long as you aren’t cranking it on there super tight and using adequate padding, there shouldn’t be much worry about making it too tight.


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