Monday, Monday

someone did something

The benefit of today is that it’s Tuesday. Yesterday was a doozy.

I knew going in to Monday that I would be at work until very late, so I had asked a working student to hand walk Eli (it was raining on Monday so no turn out) and give him one of his supplements that I usually give myself. I let my trainer know I wouldn’t be making it out to the barn.

Then I get this text:

This week on Texts from Trainer

I was so engrossed in my job that I didn’t even notice the text right away and felt awful for not responding immediately. My trainer had also texted the picture to the vet, who was scheduled to come out anyway for two other horses, so I agreed as emphatically as possible (no less than three exclamation points) that yes, have the vet look at Eli and see if he needs stitches, antibiotics, etc. The location of the cut had me worried about the soft tissue in the area — the suspensory ligament and the flexor tendon structures.

Eli did get stitches and is on antibiotics and is bandaged. Straight from the vet’s invoice: “did not penetrate the tendon sheath.” I’LL TAKE IT. Thankfully it wasn’t worse. This is relatively a minor injury in the grand scheme of horse ownership things. He’ll be off any work for a week but is allowed to hand walk. If the turn outs dry out I am not sure what the game plan will be while he still has stitches in — I am thinking limited to round pen time only with a wrap on but we’ll see. Apparently he did this in his stall somehow, although who can say how. There were storms overnight, but he never seems too bothered by storms. I suppose a loud-enough thunder clap/lightning strike could have startled him. Or if he kicked out hard enough — but he doesn’t really kick in his stall (just at people).

And now on top of everything it’s freaking cold.

so cold the white balance is off

17 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. The weather this month has been crazy! It’s supposed to go up to 12 today and then -18 with windchill tomorrow (celcius). How is that even possible?! I’m glad that he escaped relatively unscathed! I swear that horses can find ways to hurt themselves with a q-tip!


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