Weenie Wednesday: Bill of Health

Conrad had a rough Thursday last week. I made him a vet appointment because recently he developed a lumpy spot behind his right shoulder and it was making me nervous. I know dogs can get benign fatty tumors, but I didn’t really want to guess at that. He doesn’t really like being at the vet and gets very upset. We only go when we have to, and this seemed like a “have to” situation.

His vet examined him. She suggested aspirating the lumpy spot to test some cell tissue from it. She also took swabs from his ears because she said it looked like he might have an ear infection, which was news to me. Conrad hadn’t displayed any itchiness or wonky smells in/around his ears, so I am not sure how I’d’ve found that out otherwise.

The vet confirmed that Conrad did indeed have an ear infection and said she would be to call on Friday or Monday with the lab results for the lumpy spot. She sent us along with ear medicine and Conrad was very relieved to leave the vet’s office and go back home.

Thankfully, the vet called Friday afternoon with promising results — nothing to indicate any kind of malignancy. BUT she wants to keep a close eye on it and check him again after Christmas. Conrad usually has his teeth cleaned in January or February, so we may look at having the lumpy spot removed at that time. He acts like himself and shows no symptoms of being ill. He REALLY dislikes the ear medicine but I can’t blame him; it probably feels pretty weird to have stuff squirted in your ears 2 or 3 times a day.

10 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Bill of Health

  1. So glad he is okay. Gretchen has a bad one on her side which we could not remove and I just put my head in the sand now about it (She is probably 15 so she is fine as is)….the good news it has not grown one bit since diagnosis in June!

    Yay Conrad!! And our dachsies always had bad ears….think it is something about the folds. the good thing is you will have enough stuff that if you think it is coming back you wont have to go back to to the vet (Conrad says no more vets thank you very much) 🙂 HA


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