That Was Easy

I really wondered whether Eli would be okay with the whole body clipping thing. I had never body clipped him before, but he got shaggy early on this fall, and considering the high today is supposed to be in the 80s, the winter coat had to go.

He’s okay for clipping his whiskers and his bridle path, so I know he has no fear of clippers, just a strong dislike of them near his ears. I figured I’d have no problem with clipping his neck and shoulders, and he doesn’t seem to mind having his legs clipped below the knee or hocks. My concern originated from Eli’s dislike of having his flanks and haunches groomed. I also thought maybe he’d be irritated with his withers getting clipped because in my past experience, a lot of horses have not liked that, no matter how gently I’d try to clip there.

Yak level? For him, yes.

Turns out Eli’s a total champ about body clipping, and actually seems to enjoy it. I frequently rewarded him with cookies, and gave him multiple breaks. I also decided to spread it out over two days, although that was more for me — for my back and my knees, really. Anyone who has body clipped knows you have to get in some wonky positions to clip different horse body parts. I did his body on Saturday after our lesson, and finished up his legs and some of his neck and face Sunday morning.

On a break from the clippers — just front legs and face left here

Eli has two areas where he does protest the clippers — his ears; and he seemed pretty irritated when I tried to clip the inside of his hind legs above the hocks. So I got part of that done but not all of it. However, his hair there is not very thick so it’s not terribly noticeable. Definitely not worth getting kicked.

Remains to be seen whether he will let me clip over his surgery scars

I left a little bit of a horse hair face mask on Eli — the front of his head and his ears remain quite fuzzy. I may be able to clip just the front of his head, but I don’t see the ears happening without sedation, so I’ll need help to do those. At the same time, we ain’t going anywhere any time soon, mainly because of my work schedule. It’s going to tick up a few notches next week, and I will have very little time for fun things, basically until June.

Eli’s neck is so weirdly lumpy, maneuvering the clippers & trying to avoid or clean up tracks was a challenge

I wound up using the Wahl KM10 clippers, and I have a lot of pros and cons to share with y’all about them tomorrow. Mostly pros.

6 thoughts on “That Was Easy

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  1. yay he looks great. And if you aren’t showing he can keep some of his leg hair šŸ˜‰ and his ear hair. I never clip Remus’s ears (He doesn’t care if I do, weirdo) if I do anything I just clip the outside hairs sticking out when he gets old man looking ha ha ha.

    Glad Eli was good. Now you know you can do that again.


    1. I didn’t clip Eli until just this fall. He never grew much of a winter coat but he got super fluffy this year. Leaving a winter coat on a horse in Texas can become kind of a health concern, since we will occasionally have some random 100F day in February. I could tell even in the 70s Eli was uncomfortable with all his extra coat.


  2. Yay for a nekkid pony! Glad he was a good boy! I used to spread it over two days also. Body one day, legs the other. I think I get more sore from body clipping than I do riding without stirrups!


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