Which Clippers?

Much like how I spent an unreasonable amount of time internet window shopping for new helmets before making a decision, I am doing the same for clippers. I have used the Oster Clipmasters in the past for body clipping. They are heavy and loud but pretty durable. I have some Oster A5s, too, but they heat up really quickly and body clipping with them just doesn’t seem realistic. A handful of people have offered to lend me their clippers, which is so nice, but I have to assume that body clipping Eli will not be a one-time thing so I should get a reliable pair. Incidentally, considering the cost of paying for a body clip, the clippers generally pay for themselves in only one clip. Something tells me I’ll be clipping Eli in the spring, too.

He takes SO LONG to dry right now. He seemed relieved to be cooled down with water though.

Body clipping Eli is not necessarily something I am looking forward to. However, he has grown a winter coat this year. A LOT of winter coat. Why? No idea. But in Texas, that’s got to go, because you just know we’re going to have a random stretch of 85F days in December or something like that. It’s warm this week, and I can tell his fur coat is making him uncomfortable.  I hesitate to ride him during the day until I shear him.

While many have recommended the Lister Star clippers as the gold standard, I found them a little out of my price range almost everywhere. I was looking hard at the Andis ACG Super 2-speed clippers. Like, really hard. They even come in lime green …

but then I ran across Wahl KM-10 clippers that had a ton of reviews describing how quiet, lightweight, and cool-running they are.

I still haven’t made up my mind. I know a ton of people have experience with the Andis clippers, but has anyone used these Wahl clippers?

On a non-shopping, mildly hilarious note:

What this says in plain English is, “Karen, stop letting Eli pee in the cross-ties.” Sorry, barn fam, but he’s real stealthy about it!

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  1. I’ve body clipped with the Oster A5 Two-Speeds for YEARS. I only finally have the Lister Star’s because the A5’s wont clip through Luna’s hair.

    Have you looked at the Star’s in Canada? Greenhawk has them for pretty much what they cost and the conversion rate would work in your favor.


  2. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it, but I have the pictured Andis (in lime green no less!) And they work great for me. Easy to handle, plenty lightweight. Not terribly loud- I can listen to music on my phone in back pocket while clipping and hear it just fine. The blades get hot pretty quickly, so I buy two blades at a time (the sz 10 ultra edge ones are $18 on Amazon prime) and switch them out about every 15 minutes. They are super easy to switch out, so it takes no time at all and this system seems to work well for me. I think they are great personal use body clippers for people who are only doing a couple of clips a year.


  3. I have the heavy Clipmasters and Andis ACG Super 2-speed. I have a mini and the Andis can’t touch his coat at all. I worry that the Lister Stars wouldn’t touch a yak coat either… I was warned off them by a few people with minis which is why I ended up with the Clipmasters.

    I have body clipped with the Andis clippers in the past and they take FOREVER. I do all my clips (horse and mini) now with the clipmasters even though they’re big and loud. Thankfully my 2 don’t care.


      1. I’m convinced he’s part yak. His summer coat is like sheering a sheep so… ? Everyone has opinions! One of the people who swore by the clipmasters told me her closest friend would tell me to get the lister stars so… Horse people! Millions of opinions!

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        1. SO true! I had the Oster Clipmasters when I was a kid so I have PTSD from using them. LOL! My 100lb scrawny teenaged self got vibrated half to death with those things! I’m sure the new ones are much better, though.


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