I felt pretty stoked on my way out to the barn on Tuesday — I rode Eli on Monday, and the weather was holding up well Tuesday evening so surely I would get another ride in. Unless of course Eli’s leg blew up again.

His leg looked great! Also …

Okay. Eli tolerates a shedding blade, even through some teeth grinding I got him sort of half way groomed enough to put a saddle on.

I get up to the arena, knowing it was getting late, and didn’t walk long before I started trotting. And then the arena lights went out.

Oh, I yelled. Like, HEY WHO TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS. A trainer and her student had just finished up in the arena and they knew I was up there. Another boarder who was there doesn’t use the arena right now. No one turned off the lights.

lights not at full strength

I went back down to the breaker box and flipped switches … I could see the bulbs light back up, but if they have already been on, the lights take a few minutes to warm back up. So I walked Eli around in the dark until the lights came back on enough for us to trot. Surprisingly, Eli stayed calm. I mean, in normal circumstances I think he would have stayed calm, but this is the Eli who hasn’t had much turnout and even fewer rides the past few months so I am glad he didn’t spook or try to take off or anything. He hasn’t done stuff like that in ages, but I remain guarded in unusual circumstances. Which the dark would be.

I couldn’t exactly take a shedding blade to his ear

Eli felt very frisky at the trot, but he settled in enough to listen to my leg and seat and once I realized he was listening to half halts well I called it a day. Or night, I guess.

the time hasn’t even changed yet

Eli needs a bath and a body clip. I don’t think I can avoid clipping him this winter.

8 thoughts on “Spirited

  1. Remus gets mud on his eyelids and inside his ears. Yeah. PIG.

    I think Remus would have crawled into a fetal ball if the lights went out. Good Eli for holding himself together. šŸ™‚ OH THE MUD. it is pissing down with rain again here today. GRHHHH I HATE MUD.

    UGH the time change is welcome for the morning but not the evening! šŸ˜¦
    Eli looks awful happy being muddy šŸ™‚


  2. When I used to board, I had the lights go out on us a few times. While I found it kind of horrifying, the horses always seem pretty unbothered by it. Glad Ely was too!
    He does a great job with the mud mask. Very impressed.


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