Not a Bad Day

As far as days go, things went fairly well. I left work early to go to a dentist appointment and my gums are continuing to improve so that was easy. I thought I might go vote, but the line was REALLY long. Which is great! But I didn’t have that kind of time if I wanted daylight at the barn, so I will try again on Thursday.

did I mention Eli’s unacceptable winter coat?

I went to the barn not knowing what I’d be doing. I pulled Eli’s wraps off and his left hind actually looked pretty good. The swelling had gone down, and so had the heat. He was still a bit tender right around where the scrape was, but otherwise things looked good. I jogged him up and down the barn aisle for my trainer to see how he was, and he looked sound. Plus, the small ring had dried out enough for riding to be okay. We decided that a lot of walking and a little trotting under saddle would be good for Eli. I think I must have walked him for 20 or 30 minutes, which was pretty boring. We only trotted for a short time, but Eli felt great at the trot.

snap crackle pop CLUNK

There were also some guys welding on top of a new run-in shed getting built on the other side of the property’s driveway. Eli acted a little surprised and curious about that, and he wasn’t too sure about the welding sounds, but he really handled it well, given the circumstances.

All of the walking really helped his left hind — the swelling was non-existent after our ride. I decided to leave the wraps off and just use liniment instead of poultice, after covering the scrape with Corona. He’s a-ok for turnout again, if the horses can be turned out. The break in the rain may be short-lived. I brought riding clothes with me to work today, but that might be a little too optimistic.

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