Injury Time-Out

Eli hasn’t done much the past few months, so you might ask how could he possibly injure himself?

Some of the turnouts were dry enough for turnout on Thursday, so Eli got turned out, which I am extremely happy about.

My trainer sent me this after she brought him in from turnout, so it’s fair to say Eli was also happy

He also managed a small scrape on the back of his left hind fetlock. I cleaned it up and didn’t think too much of it, but by Saturday Eli’s left hind was puffy with some heat around the fetlock area.

Can’t be good.

It has been entirely too wet for any more turnout and the arenas are lakes. My assumption is that he banged up his left hind a bit more than just a scrape, but probably has some bruising, too (he does this a lot). He is walking fine. But, he’s also stuck in a stall except when I hand walk him. When I do hand walk him and hose & ice the left hind, the swelling and heat go down. So movement helps, but he’s not getting to move as much as usual. I poulticed the leg on Saturday and Sunday and I’ll see how it looks this evening. If the paddocks are okay, I’d be okay with him going out, considering that moving around can reduce the swelling. I have no idea if he jogs sound or not because I haven’t bothered.

poultice day one

There was a chance the fields might have been dry enough to ride Sunday afternoon, but my schedule had me elsewhere. I doubt I would have ridden Eli anyway — I’d like to see the swelling reduced more first. He banged up this same leg a while ago, and I am starting to wonder whether some other issue is going on. Or maybe he just needs turnout boots.

poultice day two

So it’s hand walking for the foreseeable future this week, considering the forecast calls for more potentially flooding rain today through Wednesday.

temporary lifestyle

Another twist in the autumn’s plot is that Eli is downright fluffy. This is the first year he has grown a long winter coat. I have never body clipped him before. This could be interesting, although I am not about to even try body clipping him until he can get out more and burn off some energy. Add to this that I only have A5s. But since they are smaller and quieter, he might tolerate them better. I had a wide 10 blade somewhere, so I will have to dig around for that or possibly buy a new one. Or just not clip him … which would be kind of cruel in Texas, considering how fuzzy Eli has gotten. He not showing this winter, so I could clip him in chunks, like start with his legs (I have done that much and he is fine for it) and maybe try a bib clip. I dislike the appearance of anything other than a full clip (other than leaving the saddle area unclipped), so I better be REALLY sure I want to clip Eli. He may be a total arse about clipping around his flanks, too, which I am not looking forward to. I would also need a warm enough day to bathe him first, and start on clipping the next day. Maybe he’ll surprise me and enjoy it? Haha. Ha.

Has anyone ever used A5s for a full clip? I used to use the Oster Clipmasters but they are loud, heavy, and awkward, and I never clipped legs or faces with them anyway. I wouldn’t buy them again. I looked at some Andis clippers and they are not as expensive as I thought, but I don’t really want to buy them just yet.

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  1. no Eli! don’t hurt yourself! jeez. I hope the weather clears for you all soon. I have always paid someone to clip Remus. Of course he is the horse who loves body clipping (He falls asleep in the crossties) but i am too cheap to buy a nice pair of clippers.
    I have always done a trace clip on him so i am not having to blanket him constantly. Naked Remus would need more clothes on. Probably not in Texas 😉

    I hope his leg heals fast too!


  2. I clipped my old horse with A5s several years ago. Just his neck and his body though. They worked fine, but did overheat, so I had to take some breaks.


    1. The overheating is my main concern — when I do Eli’s legs with them, I have to do one leg at a time with breaks in between. Leg hair is harder on the clippers, though, it seems to me.


  3. I have done several body clips with my A5’s. It takes longer but its been totally fine. Just not with Luna, her coat is so thick that they don’t work as well.

    But now I have Lister Stars to use.

    The first year I needed to clip it didn’t go so well. She only had random splotches on her shoulders done because there was no one capable of helping me with her and she appears to be the most ticklish horse of life which was NO FUN at all to deal with.


  4. Oh geez Eli. Ugh he just HAD to hurt himself huh? Well, at least it certainly doesn’t seem major and only a bit of bruising but still – not fun.

    I actually have those A5s! And I used them on Amber when I clipped her last winter. I used a 10 blade and she was okay with that and I think it worked pretty well actually. She’d never been body clipped before, and only got a little weird when I got to her belly. I think it was more that when I got to her belly the blades were pretty warm. So I’d pause every now and then – a break for her and to let the clippers cool, and we did fine. But that wasn’t a full clip, so I can’t say how that’d go. But the only thing I’d just say is to beware of the clippers getting warm. I was a little cautious since I’d never clipped before, but perhaps how warm they were for me isn’t really an issue lol. I hope that helps!


  5. Jamp’s legs seem to do what Eli’s is doing whenever he gets a booboo and can’t get out enough. I think some of them are just ridiculously sensitive. Hope it’s back to normal asap!
    I used to full body clip with the small Andis clippers with the wide T-84 (I think?) blades… They worked fine, but I eventually got a pair of the big, loud ones because it’s just so much faster. I still use the smaller ones for legs though.


    1. I used to clip a ton of horses with the big loud ones and most of them don’t seem to mind it. Eli’s a funny one, though.

      I swear, every time he gets a nick somewhere on a leg, it BLOWS UP. Hopefully that’s all it is.


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