The Weekend Before Winter Slapped Texas

I saw a meme yesterday that said “the weather just went from 90 to 55 like it saw a state trooper.” Apt.

If the new normal is messed up weather, then we are living it. Today feels more like January here; just yesterday I was outside, sweating, fighting off mosquitoes in 90F. And now it’s 45F and raining. RAINING AGAIN. It also feels really weird to be covered in itchy bug bites when it’s so cold outside;

some kind of cognitive dissonance is happening in my brain because of it, and I’m feeling almost feverish. Maybe I have West Nile? Or maybe I dressed too warmly? Eh, who knows.

It was hot in this picture

Well, I got three rides in on Eli over the weekend. Friday night, I had the small arena all to myself so even though Eli had a little extra energy from not working all week, the ride was quite peaceful, except little leapy move that felt like it stemmed from a place of playfulness in Eli and not so much a spook at anything. We were cantering on the left lead and I think his capacity for concentration was about expired. It was cute, really.

On Saturday I just worked on more flat work, and on cantering some super tiny fences — this was to work on my patience more than anything, and to give Eli chances to get to the cozier distances comfortably. The show wound up being postponed due to every high chances of rain in the forecast but the arenas were okay. Eli got a liniment shampoo bath, which considering this weather may be the last bath for a while. I also trimmed like 4 inches off his tail because it grows so fast, I almost can’t keep up. One day, it’s fine, the next day it’s dragging on the ground.

On Sunday we were very, very lazy. I rode Eli around in the small arena again, and then in the fields. I hung his sheet and blanket up, on the stall’s blanket bar.

Eli might be a bit of a spook, but he gives zero Fs about plastic bags

This morning, one of the working students sent me a picture of Eli with his sheet on, and the barn all closed up. It’s raining and it’s cold, especially for here in October.

picture by Metz’s mom

It’s not getting out of the 40s today and our average high for this time of year is 82F. This is a record low high. And somehow it’s supposed to stay this cold all week! WHY. I said Eli looked like he was sad that it was cold and the working student replied that all of the horses looked sad or annoyed.

11 thoughts on “The Weekend Before Winter Slapped Texas

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  1. Crazy ass weather. UGH its 50s here but wet and windy as hell and supposed to drop to low 40’s tnite and not get above 50 tomorrow then low 40s tomorrow nite. All with RAIN! UGH

    His stall looks so clean. Remus’s stall looks like that for exactly one second 😦


  2. The weather is awful! I am very thankful it held off for my show over weekend but now I do need it to dry up so we can prep for the next show πŸ™„πŸ˜–. STOP IT TEXAS! Eli definitely looks less the thrilled lol!


  3. This weather is nuts! Last Thursday it was 85 here in CT, and Saturday (when I ran a leg of the marathon relay) it was in the 40’s and raining. High 50’s for a few days, then 40’s coming. WORST.
    I hope it warms up for you guys, TX isn’t supposed to be colder than CT in October! Glad you had some nice rides though!


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