Slightly busted box, helmet inside perfectly fine

About six weeks after placing an order for a Charles Owen SP8, it arrived yesterday! I ordered from the UK because 1) COs are a lot less expensive there, even with the shipping included and 2) SPARKLY. I hadn’t found the sparkly ones at any of the domestic and Canadian tack shops I browse online at the time I placed the order.

This version of sparkly is above and beyond the previous iteration of sparkly CO helmets. It’s not just glitter, although glitter is involved. And I love it.

disco sauce

As far as the price, including shipping I paid just under $380 for this helmet. Currently, leather-look SP8s WITHOUT the sparkliness run around $490 if you’re ordering from anywhere in the U.S. I had been eyeing the SP8s for a while because of the wider brim – knowing I’d need a new helmet soon. This one was worth the wait.

There are two drawbacks to CO helmets, ones I am already familiar with, having worn an AYR8 for some time before switching to GPA. The lining is not removable, and the ventilation is poor. Even just trying the helmet on in my house for 3 minutes, I could feel my brain cooking. This will be my go-to helmet in cooler temperatures, otherwise I’ll keep wearing the Trauma Void. TBD on which one I might show in …

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  1. I love the sparkly CO helmet. They win at being the most sparkly. Sadly my SP8 was one of the worst fitting helmets I’ve had, so I’d probably have to do a sparkly AYR8 and just get an equivisor. I so wish they worked for my head though.


    1. This SP8 actually fits me better than the AYR8, so we must have opposite head shapes. I was worried it would fit like the AYR8 but it really doesn’t. Both being COs, I do find that odd, but it worked out in my favor.


    1. It’s REALLY sparkly in sunlight. Maybe it will blind people into thinking I ride much better than I do? Or they will only be able to look at Eli but not me … I feel a strategy developing.

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