Sunny Skies

We actually had a few days of intermittent sunshine around here, although it has since started raining again. During one of those days, Eli and I schooled over fences. He still has some embellishments in between the fences, but he is gradually getting easier to get back under control. He is also gaining back some strength in his hind end that we lost due to so much rain and lack of exercise. That makes his stride more adjustable, which I like.

There is even a little media! The last trot fence didn’t make the video, but we got the rest.

Jumpies 10/6/18 from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Notice which side of the fences Eli is jumping? I guess I have overcorrected the right drift and now have a left one. There’s always something.

There is a schooling show scheduled this coming Saturday at the barn. Hopefully it won’t go on too long and I will have time to jump Eli around after the show.

Toward the end of the month, Eli will see the chiropractor again. Since it’s only been a few months, I will be interested to hear whether the chiropractor notices any differences.

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