Tailored Sportsman IceFil Zip Top Review

but do I have enough sun protection?

Somehow, I have yet to review a sun shirt on the pages of this blog. I wear them frequently because I live in Texas. I have gravitated toward both EIS and Kastel, and think they are both excellent options.

stiff collar!

And then I bought a Tailored Sportsman sun shirt. (I know some people have serious reservations about the brand because of the owner’s reputation.) And now they are my favorite. They are priced very competitively at $65 each. The sleeves are long enough for my ridiculously long arms.

They come in pretty colors, and new colors are introduced each season. They don’t have any prominent branding on them. They are SOFT. They are cut slim, and are long enough to stay tucked in. They have collars that stay standing up, even without the zipper halfway or all the way zipped. They are durable, and the ones I have have never snagged or caught on anything. They wash easily and dry quickly. They don’t pill, and the mesh of the sleeves doesn’t pill, snag, or start pulling apart. And I didn’t just buy one a week ago — I have been wearing them all year.

I might just use this picture for tomorrow, too

That’s my review. I can’t find a thing wrong with them, physically. I mean, it’d be cool if they were $25 instead of $65, but that’s unlikely in riding attire. The Tailored Sportsman IceFil zip top is my sun shirt of choice.

15 thoughts on “Tailored Sportsman IceFil Zip Top Review

  1. Glad you love yours! I do have to say that my light blue one SHOULD be covered in stains and spots by now, but it still washes beautiful. Things it has come in contact with: Mio Berry Flavored Water Enhancing drops (i.e. dark purple liquid drops), Durasole (also purple), general horse slime, grass stains… etc etc.


  2. I have two that are in constant rotation, and I def need more. Even my white one holds up beautifully and has no stains (and I am far from careful). Agreed with everything you say- they’re my go-to!


  3. So interesting! I have one as well, and it is soft and comfy (and white – and it stays very white through washing which is frankly incredible). But I don’t find it all that cool. It’s my warmest sun shirt, and when it’s 90 with 80% humidity, I pass over it in favor of a Kastel. (Or a tank top…) I also have long arms and the TS shirt I have doesn’t quite have long enough sleeves. It’s close, but they’re a smidge short. I like it more as a fall layering piece than a summer one.


  4. They’re definitely my favorite too! Kastels seem to cling to everything and snag on things so easily. I like my EIS but they’re not as soft and don’t seem to wash up as well.


    • If the EIS were longer and less boxy, they might be my favorite because I do like their material. But I have trouble with EIS and especially the Kastel shirts snagging, too.


    • I find on truly hot days, I have to get them wet first – and then they function like straight up air conditioning. I’ll just run my arms under the faucet at the barn before I ride. I know that’s not everyone’s MO though.


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