Choosing a Lesson Outfit

Let me just stop any of you who don’t care about clothes right here: don’t bother reading this post.

Okay, now that we’ve weeded out the party-poopers, let’s all of us fashion hounds talk about choosing what to wear for a lesson. When I feel well-dressed, it really influences how much confidence I have, in no matter what I am doing. Again, if you can’t relate to that, you may not get much out of this post.

I really like to dress at least somewhat professionally for a lesson — not quite show attire obviously, but just as I would select a totally traditional, no-nonsense outfit for riding in a clinic, I like to be dressed tidily for a lesson, but with my own twist — yep, you guessed it, it’s that tiny, crazy, 87-year-old-lady inside my head telling me what to wear, balanced with my own modest sense of decorum. I’ll let y’all sort out for yourselves which pieces were picked by the metaphorical 87-year-old.

Riding clothes have to be comfortable and practical, of course. Affordable is another good attribute, so you won’t find me wearing $400 shirts to ride in. Durability is especially important for the tall boots, and protective goes without saying for the helmet. Working within those parameters, I give you a typical outfit that I’d wear to ride, such as the one I wore during schooling over fences on last Friday.

First, I wore a Tailored Sportsman IceFil zip top. I won’t say too much about it here, because I plan to post a full review later this week. Can’t go wrong with black, as long as it’s not a million degrees outside (the weather was quite nice).

I paired this with Equine Couture Beatta Breeches in Safari, a beigey tan color that goes with everything. Sometimes I wear boring pants. I actually really like these breeches, but can’t remember when or where I picked up this pair, but has them. I have had these for about two years and they seem to hold up over time very well. I have found that with Equine Couture, I typically go up a size for the breeches to fit — I wear a 28 in Trophy Hunters, and these Beatta breeches are a size 30. They are also very easy care, and can be tossed in the dryer on low, even.

Next, I wore my new Trauma Void helmet — again, not going to say much here, as I plan to post a review of the helmet this week, too. One word preview: Love.

Tall boots are one of the things to spend on and not skimp. That doesn’t mean you can’t look for a good deal, as I found these DeNiro boots new-in-box on eBay for less than retail. Provided the company keeps on keeping on, I plan to stay a DeNiro boots customer for life. They are comfortable and have worn incredibly well so far. I can, and have, wear these all day without any discomfort.

Now for the wacky accessories. The first one is a belt I got during a sale at Luxe Eq. It’s a little metallic, in black, red, and gold. If you haven’t splurged on a Duftler spur belt yet, you are missing out. The leather is so supple, which I was not expecting given the metallic coloring, and the craftsmanship is excellent. I cannot possibly justify buying another one, though. Yet. Maybe. I also wore an Equivisor, which given the Texas sunlight, is eminently practical. The one I am wearing, I got on sale for like $17 or something ridiculous like that. Would I recommend black? Yes. Is the one I wear black? No. But it protects my face from the sun and leopard print totally acts like a neutral and goes with everything. I kind of want a jute one, actually.

11 thoughts on “Choosing a Lesson Outfit

  1. I agree with you here! When I dress nicely and feel good in the clothes I’m wearing, I feel a lot more confident. I’m a bit clumsy tho so I go with a lot of darker colored breeches because I’m likely to stain something haha!


  2. For me, the shirts HAVE to be form fitting. So when I forget to bring a different shirt and wear something flowy to work and then have to ride in that, it drives me bonkers!
    That’s my only criteria for stuff to ride in. But I do have a wide array of riding shirts so I don’t normall have that issue !


  3. I think you look well turned out in practical and appropriate gear for your lesson. Yipes! I sound like an 87 year old. Anyway…. I have three lessons a week and my coach likes us to always wear a belt with top neatly tucked in so she can easily see what we are doing with out bodies. Tall dressage boots are a must. Mine for schooling are burgundy but others have black ones. I have lately taken to putting white polo wraps on my horse for lessons. they look so nice. I always use polos and have lots of colors but white is nice for lessons. I look forward to your upcoming reviews.


  4. Love your outfit (all your outfits actually). I feel the same way riding attire, it should be professional, but lesson outfits can still be a bit fun with colors and such. I can help but cringe when I see people riding in tanks with bra straps hanging out, YUCK. #sorrynotsorry, I just think it looks sloppy. You don’t have the be in a collard shirt every ride (a nice long sleeved crew neck is also acceptable in my book), but no one wants to see that much skin- no matter how think you are. Ok, rant over LOL!


    • I 100% stand behind your rant. For a really long time there was a “no tank tops” rule where I ride. It’s more relaxed now and I don’t expect people to be uncomfortable if what they are used to wearing is a tank top. But personally I rarely wear one to ride in. It just feels weird to me. (Plus I am a mosquito magnet so tank tops are not all that practical for me if I don’t want to be eaten alive.)


  5. I know beige breeches are boring, but I actually really like them. Pretty much any color top works with beige breeches. And I agree, I like to be more professional with my lesson attire versus what I might wear just to flat. Also, I’m way less wacky with my outfits if I’m riding in public versus my own back yard.


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