Slow News Day

Central Texas has had an unusual amount of rain, especially for September. And now September is almost over, and I have been able to ride only a few times this month. And while I might have been able to ride yesterday evening, it was drizzling by the time I got to the barn so the grass in the fields was too slick to ride on safely. Eli has been turned out most days, at least.

not sure why or how these are here but ok

And of course I have tried to keep up with grooming and keeping his feet healthy in such wet weather. But beyond all that, things just have to dry out before we can do much else. I’d like to jump my horse again some time this year …

I’d like to review the Trauma Void helmet, too, but having only ridden in it a handful of times I don’t think I could give it a fair shake just yet. Preliminary impressions are very, very good though. Like, don’t not buy one if you think you might want one.

photographic evidence of having sat on my horse at least once in September

The other helmet I ordered is basically backordered, because production can’t keep up with demand. When I checked on the order, my helmet was currently in production and expected after September 19. I will probably ask again about it at the end of this week if I still hear nothing. I got a very good price on the helmet so I have no plans to cancel the order. Yet.

Aannnnd … that’s about it. I am two seconds from stir crazy at any given moment right now.

5 thoughts on “Slow News Day

  1. yes i can’t even SEE My horses hooves due to the mud build up. They look like Hobbits. LOL ugh i hope it dries up for you. I am glad you like the new helmet. What was the other one you ordered? Samshield? I am lazy??I can’t remember LOL


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