Weenie Wednesday: Oops, Forgot to Blog

Hey, man, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day, y’know?

First, adorable dog is adorable.


Second …

drain the swamp?

Riding opportunities have been a bit spotty. While the new turnouts and quick-drying fields make riding and time outside possible at least some of the time during a 2-week-long rain event (in Texas, no less, wtf), Eli has lost some fitness, as have I. Fortunately he has been very enjoyable to ride when I’ve been able to ride, except for maybe one evening when I tried to ride in the rain — sorry, Eli. Mommy hates it, too.

this stuff doesn’t just curry off very well

Rain comes back into the forecast late this week …

exhumed the Equivisor for that one afternoon it was sunny

Maybe I will have a little time for pleasure reading? Maybe I’ll try a juice cleanse? Any recommendations along those lines?

juice cleanses don’t mean this, though, right?


light reading (already finished the Necromancer a long time ago and meant to swap it out for Clermont)

My arms are also COVERED in some kind of bug bites, so that’s fun. I think maybe gnats got me on Sunday afternoon while I was working outside.

9 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Oops, Forgot to Blog

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  1. adorable dog check 🙂 my weds is made 🙂 thank you….

    this has been the worst year for bug bites here too. EVEN I am being bit and usually I am pretty hardy. Poor Mark and his parents are suffering.

    I guess that rain is good but it must get old. I have forgotten WHAT rain is at this point. It has been hot hot hot with NO rain. 😦 ground is hard again. Sigh….all or nothing….

    I hope to read the Tik book once the inlaws head back to UK!


  2. But a cool front is supposed to come after the rain! 80 something! What will we do with ourselves in central Texas with such great temps. Adorable pup as always. I would read the Tik book since I keep trying to stay strong and not buy it…


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