New Chiro

I’d never go to a chiropractor myself, I don’t think (I hem and haw about it) but Eli has had quite a few chiropractic adjustments during the time I have owned him. He hasn’t had one recently, though. BUT, considering his face-plant a few weeks ago, I thought now would be a good time to get back to scheduling regular chiropractic adjustments for Eli.

The barn owner has regularly worked with Dr. Jack for her client’s horses, and I have been familiar with his name for years, but had not enlisted his services yet. I got Eli on his schedule for yesterday and met up with him at the barn.

Pretty sure Eli approves of Dr. Jack

I explained Eli is my pet shark, and he has been adjusted before, just not recently. I also said I had concerns about his neck and poll considering our fall. Dr. Jack did not seem to mind Eli snapping at the air off and on, and he knew Eli wasn’t snapping at him so much as the changes in pressure going on. Eli had a rib out, and a spot in his neck that needed a little work. Dr. Jack also advised more collection and hill work (OKAY I GET IT, SUE ME FOR BACKING OFF WORK IN THE SUMMER BUT IT IS HOT HERE) for Eli, and we are already headed down that road so we’ll just keep going on it.

He loves front leg stretches — he even lets me do those

At one point, Dr. Jack joked that I need to tell the barn owner to get smaller horses. I replied that they don’t come smaller for the jobs they do and Dr. Jack said “I work on everything.” I thought he meant horses in different disciplines. Well … no. He works on everything: horses, pigs, cows, sheep, guinea pigs, cats, dogs … GUINEA PIGS? I guess if a guinea pig kicks you, it’s not so bad? Really. He actually said guinea pigs. And I am not entirely sure if that was a joke.

Enjoying a salad after a rough day of playing in turn out, getting body work, and … hmmm. Maybe not so rough.

Eli got yesterday off, but the chiropractor said he didn’t need time off beyond that, so I am interested to see how Eli feels under saddle this evening.

12 thoughts on “New Chiro

  1. Dexter has never seen a chiropractor, but one of my lease horse when I was a junior saw a chiropractor a few times that lived on the same property as the barn and it really helped him. We have a local chiropractor that a lot of people really like, I just haven’t needed her yet. Maybe someday Dexter will be in consistent work for more than a couple months at a time and he’ll get to see her. I say that sarcastically because I’m always well intentioned, but horrible at following through.

    I do see a chiropractor for myself on occasion and like everything, there is a time and a place for them. There has been instances for me where a chiropractor makes it worse and a massage is the better option. I’ve had the same chiropractor for 12 years though. I trust him wholeheartedly and know that there are definitely good and bad chiropractors.

    I am glad that Eli enjoyed his visit with Dr. Jack and I hope he is feeling better tonight!


    • Yeah, I don’t think every horse necessarily needs chiropractic adjustments. I am not even sure how often Eli needs them … I didn’t really think he needed one until we fell and that sort of reminded me he hadn’t had one in a while and this might be a good time.


  2. Can’t wait to hear how it goes! I’ve always been curious with chiropractic work though I’ve only had it done once for Amber and it wasn’t how most chiros do it so I don’t know if it actually helped her or not haha. I hope he feels right as rain for tomorrow!


    • I am also hopeful — especially since Dr. Jack did find an issue in Eli’s neck that he could work out — I can’t be certain it was from us falling, but I think it probably was and now maybe he’ll feel better.

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  3. I’m always interested to hear anecdotal chiro stories. Rio is also getting adjusted regularly (starting last month) and I have so far not noticed any difference. Then again, the chiro did warn me that his goal with Rio was to change his overall back conformation, which would take rebuilding of muscles and be about a year long process- and to not expect instant results like you might feel after adjusting an acute issue. Anyway, my point is that I will be interested to hear if you feel that it makes a difference. Keep us updated!


    • My past experience with chiro for Eli has not been one of observing major changes after any one adjustment. I have noticed minor changes in gait and tracking that I see as improvements. Plus Eli seems to like it and looks so totally obviously relaxed after.


  4. I am super skeptical of horse chiros since I had a human chiro crack a rib on me one time (true story and OMFG THAT HURT). But I’ve heard really great things about Dr Jack, so hopefully Eli will feel awesome.

    But… guinea peeegs?


    • Oh sweet jesus, I’d be staying away from chiro, too, considering that experience! Dr. Jack does seem to have an excellent reputation in this area, and he was very easy to work with.

      Yeah … I am questioning the validity of the guinea pigs claim. I mean I think he was really telling the truth, but I have only met him once and he could have been joking and I could have been having a super dense moment about it.


  5. My horses have always gotten routine chiropractic work done — usually twice a year. Niko saw his chiro for the second time a few weeks, but didn’t need any work done! I was super happy to hear that, since his workload has increased a lot in the last few months with show season.


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