Knee Update

Considering the spill we took, Eli and I seem to have only minor injuries. His left knee is one of them. It was still puffy last night, but I couldn’t find any heat and he didn’t react to me poking around it and putting pressure on it. My hope is that the swelling will continue to go down. I poulticed the knee again, although put Corona on the scrape after washing it with betadine so the scrape itself did not have poultice on it. Because ouch, that would be counter productive.

not amused

Other than that, Eli has had two days off. Storms made riding impossible on Sunday, but things started to dry out Monday so I will probably hop on Eli tonight. Last night, trotting in the round pen, he looked sound. I am a little concerned that he seems to have some soreness in his right hind, too, although I can’t figure out where — he just occasionally takes a shorter step with his right hind in tight right turns, which is atypical but it’s not even consistent. Maybe if I trot him under saddle, I will be able to get a better sense of the issue.

A chiropractor is scheduled for next week, so I am hoping that helps Eli to feel a little better of he has any soreness or stiffness in his neck and poll.

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  1. maybe he jerked himself in the hind end a bit when he tried NOT to fall on you?? I am sure he will work out of it and it sure can’t hurt to get him worked over by the chiro. Poor Eli…how are you???


    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just muscle soreness. I am totally fine! I literally have like one tiny scrape on my left pinky finger and my right arm doesn’t want me to lift heavy stuff, but that’s already going away. 🙂

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  2. Poor buddy. I’m sure he’s just a little sore from falling just like you. My baby horse knocked himself down on the lunge line last year, and was very sore through his rib cage. Thankfully no actual damage. I hope the same for Eli!


    1. This is what I am thinking, too — just some muscle soreness. I’ll be interested to hear what the chiro has to say, though! Eli hasn’t been adjusted in over a year, anyway.


  3. Fingers crossed you were able to hop on last night and that he felt good. I really hope the swelling has gone down more too. Hopefully that right hind think is just a twinge of soreness and nothing serious. Sending all the good vibes to you guys!


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