Weenie Wednesday: Shorter Walks

On the weekends and other random days I have off, Conrad and I walk to the park in our neighborhood in the morning. It’s not a long walk, but he has short legs so we go slow and sometimes we stop and sit. However, I have been a bit gimpy lately. The broken/dislocated/can’t really tell/but jacked up toe on my left foot makes me limp a little. Except now my right foot hurts a little more than usual from putting extra weight on it. So now I am just ambling rather awkwardly.

This means Conrad and I don’t take quite so many steps in our walks and I am considering driving him up to the park this weekend. I also wonder if I should break down and go get an xray?

TMI but the toe looks puffy and crooked and still a little bruised to me

I don’t think Conrad minds considering he still gets park time.

4 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Shorter Walks

  1. Yeah it might be good to get it x-rayed. It may only show that it’s been fractured, and in that case there may be nothing more to do for it, but at least you’ll know and can adjust accordingly. Hopefully it isn’t anything, but I’m also sure Conrad won’t mind as long as he gets to go to the park LOL.


  2. Might not hurt to get an x-ray. They don’t do much for toes, except tape them to the one next to it though. So I guess you could just try that instead. Unless it’s dislocated. Then you might want to put it back. Probably with the heat Conrad doesn’t mind the shorter walks.


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