Lesson Recap

I have been remiss in getting media from lessons lately, so I still have none. BUT, I did have a great lesson on Eli on Saturday. He seems fully back to being his 2018 Eli self.

We got back to jumping, and in true form, no matter what boneheaded thing I did, Eli jumped anyway. But actually, I only really did two boneheaded things, and only one of them was truly terrible.

We warmed up over a few low trot fences, then we started working on the course, piece by piece before putting it all together. We did the outside line to the inside line first. The outside line rode a bit long and the fences were low, so I stuck with the add step. The inside line road as an easy 5 and that’s what we got. We got there a little long but I just sat up and closed my leg and Eli jumped. You cannot get more simple than that. And yet it takes a lot of discipline to achieve, at least for me. That whole patience thing I’m not good at.

We added the outside bending line, and I botched the distance to the first fence. Not completely boneheaded, but a really tight distance is not exactly desireable. So my trainer had us start that again from the inside line, which at the second fence, I tried exceptionally hard to kill us. THAT was a bad mistake. See a long spot, take leg off, fling upper body onto horse’s neck. Why?? Eli just plopped down an add step and went any way. So of course we had to do that again, too, and guess what happens when I keep my leg on and upper body upright? I was able to do the same at the outside bending line, keeping my eye on the second fence and my leg on, letting Eli sort out the first fence himself. And we finished at the last single.

Mainly, I was just pleased to be jumping again and to have Eli back to being himself.

And if you haven’t checked it out yet, Breeches.com is having a huge summer clearance, and it ends next Monday. It’s not just breeches! They carry all kinds of products for horses and some for dogs, like tack, Belvoir, horse clothing, and some really cute dog collars.

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  1. The flinging. The struggle is real. I know once I get back into lessons poor Liam will have to deal with my flinging and chicken arms again. Eli is such a good boy. Hopefully you can find something that’s not rice bran that will help Eli! So crazy that he had such a reaction, but awesome that he’s back to his 2018 self!


  2. So glad he’s feeling back to his old self! Sounds like a great lesson other than the one near death episode. I very rarely jump ahead, I’m much more apt to get left behind, BUT on the occasion I do jump ahead, it’s always really, really bad. And I mostly only do it at horse shows so it can be in front of LOTS of people.


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