Weenie Wednesday: Conrad’s Summer Picks

Considering I’ve posted about summer horse care before, maybe it’s time for a little summer dog care? Or summer care for a little dog? First things first: don’t walk your dog when it’s hot out, and don’t leave your dog in the car! Now that’s out of the way, Conrad wants to share a few things that he likes.

New fave flavor! Pure Bites are a great solution for giving Conrad treats. The treats hit all the right buttons for him — made in the U.S.A., consist of a single ingredient, and have a crude fat content usually 10% or less. Conrad loves the duck liver. I don’t recommend getting your nose too close to the open bag, unless you like huffing bloody dead water-dwelling creature smells.

We may have settled on an excellent monthly grooming option for Conrad with his mobile groomer, but he needs a few touch-ups in between appointments. One of the things I found that seem very gentle and actually smell quite nice are these ear wipes from Petpost. Conrad’s ears are healthy, and I want to keep them that way–the coconut oil and aloe vera seem very soothing in addition to being great cleaning agents.

Conrad struggles with bug bites early in the summer. He is on a flea & tick preventive, but this doesn’t stop mosquitoes or no-see-‘ums. To provide him with a little relief, I use these gentle wipes from Espree in tea tree & aloe. They smell strongly of tea tree when you first pull them out of the container, but the scent wears off quickly while the product can still help soothe Conrad’s bug bites.


6 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Conrad’s Summer Picks

  1. next time I have to meet Conrad! It was great to finally meet you 🙂 And yes those ear wipes look great I must look for them. Gretchen has typical schnauzer ears (they are cropped) so she has a tendency to get stinky ears in between grooming. Stay cool Conrad (and you)! 🙂


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