Hot Weather Horse Care

So. Stinkin’. Hot.

It’s approximately 8,547°F here by 11am during these long and oven-like summer months. My default is mostly to ride in the evenings after work — the humidity is lower and there is usually a breeze at the barn. But even at 7:30pm it’s still in the 90s.

Where I board Eli, there are a ton of hot weather amenities (perhaps known as necessities in Texas), so I don’t worry about him getting too hot throughout the day.

many, many fans

The stalls have high-powered fans, the cross-ties have high-powered fans, there are four wash racks, and all of these things are under one roof, out of the sun. A breeze typically blows through the barn, but not always so those fans are a necessity in the summer here.

Even if we get all hot and sweaty from exercise, cooling Eli out afterward is pretty easy.

very breezy

But there are a couple of other things I have to do for Eli in the summer–things that don’t really come up during the winter months (except one).

Pyranha Spray & Wipe

Oil-based formulas do a number on Eli’s skin and coat so I have to stick with water-based fly sprays. This one seems to last at least a while … It sure would be easier for Eli if he would just lets us spray him but he is still as terrified of it as he was 5 years ago, even with trying to get him used to it. I brush this on to his coat. I also spray down his stall with it in the evenings.

Enviro Equine Fly Spray Wipes

These fly spray wipes from Enviro Equine are amazing, mainly because they actually work, and for longer than 5 minutes! They are great for Eli’s face, or even his whole body if the flies aren’t too bad and I don’t need to reach for the Pyranha (does any one else get confused about where the ‘H’ goes?). 10/10 recommend.

Gold Bond Powder

GoldBond gets a lot of use in the summer around the barn. I put it in my tall boots, but I use it on Eli, too. I douse the top of his tail with it and he doesn’t rub. I also try to get some onto his itchy summer face so that he doesn’t rub his skin off. To do his face, I have to powder my palm and wipe it on. It comes in handy for the pasterns, too.


I am not sure how many times I am going to sing the praises of Quia-Cal on this blog, but here we go again. I LOVE this stuff. In the winter, it’s handy for before riding if Eli’s been up due to weather. I like him to get it before trailering to a show, too. And now I’ve discovered that because it helps with nerve health and muscle recovery, why not give it after a more intensive flat work session, like one with lots of transitions? I think it keeps body soreness at bay for Eli after a “tough” work out. (We never work all that hard, though, haha)

Apple Elite Electrolyte Paste

Of course in the summer, electrolytes are practically a given in the kiln that is Texas heat. I don’t give these every day, as that would be a little too extra, but I have found that because I ride in the mornings on Saturdays when it’s humid, Eli could use the extra then, so he gets a little after a ride, along with his actual apple and water, which brings me to …

…I ALWAYS have an 8-quart bucket of water with Eli in the cross-ties while I am tacking him up before a ride and cooling him out after a ride. Some years ago, I managed to translate his pawing as a sign of thirst. He likes to drink both before I put on the bridle and after a ride. Our workload is only light to moderate, so letting him hydrate himself just seems like a no-brainer to me at this point. Plus, he never paws in the cross-ties now! Well, unless I start brushing his shoulders, then sometimes he paws once and does a big stretch.

Do y’all have any hot weather strategies to keep your horses comfortable?

8 thoughts on “Hot Weather Horse Care

  1. Oh, I need to try this Gold Bond tip. Niko is rubbing his tail something AWFUL and I CANNOT get him to stop and I’m out of tricks. But I haven’t heard of using Gold Bond, so that’s next on my list!


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