Weenie Wednesday: Hot Walks

When I take Conrad on walks on the weekends, we go in the morning, usually around 7 or 7:30am. And even at that time, the sun feels oppressive. Add to that the air is holding enough water to make it feel like you are walking into a sauna and it taxes us both. We take walks that are a shorter distance, with frequent stops. Sometimes we just sit outside on the sidewalk and look at stuff.


And then once we get home and eat breakfast, it’s nap time for Conrad.

4 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Hot Walks

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  1. so i am new to the ‘worried my pets are going to burn their feet” club but dang walking the dogs while living in an apt SUCKs lol…they are being so good but still….the other day (the really hot day) i know it was hurting their feet. And the grass is shriveling up here too we got a bit of rain over nite and today but still.

    Conrad is the cutest 😉


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