Weenie Wednesday: Aussie Pet Mobile Grooming

Conrad had an appointment last Wednesday with Aussie Pet Mobile North Austin for a bath and nail trim. I decided to try this, to see if it would be less stressful for Conrad than either me trying to trim his nails or taking him to Petsmart for a nail trim (both of which are also stressful for me).

He was a bit miffed but look at that cute little green bandanna!

We met his groomer outside in the driveway, and walked up to the mobile grooming van, which looked very clean and was air conditioned. Conrad was not enthusiastic about getting in the van, but he was all done with his appointment within thirty minutes. He came back to the house smelling so nice and with a little green bandanna on, which was completely adorable but he decided he did not want to wear it all day. His nails looked incredible, much better than they have in a long time. I booked another appointment for July. His groomer was so nice and she did such a great job, I am glad that I could book with her again.

Shiny coat, short nails, mildly disgruntled dachshund

For dogs that hate car travel or chaotic environments, this is an excellent option. It is, of course, more expensive than just having a nail trim at Petsmart or even an appointment with a brick-and-mortar groomer. Conrad weighs 17lbs and the cost was $80. But I get to pick the time, and Conrad is only inconvenienced for about a half hour. I also tipped the groomer on top of the fee because I appreciated the level of service that Conrad received. (I don’t know what dog groomers make when working for a franchise, but my guess is that tips are most welcome). I definitely prefer this to a brick-and-mortar groomer because typically I’d just have to leave Conrad there and pick him up later and he’d be stuck in a cage or kennel, possibly for hours. I have a hard enough time doing that for Conrad’s dental appointments.

Conrad’s nails still looking good after a week

Another great thing about Aussie is they don’t use kennels or cages, and they hand dry without heat. I told Conrad’s groomer that she could even skip the hand drying and just towel dry if Conrad seemed miffed at a hand-held dryer.

Yes. I know. My dog is spoiled.

4 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Aussie Pet Mobile Grooming

  1. Hahaha! Such a miffed dachshund. What a great service! We’re lucky in that Choco will let us clips her nails (because liver treats are involved so it’s all bribery haha!) and she hates baths and stays mildly upset at us for a bit afterwards lol. He looks so shiny though! Such a cute guy ❤


  2. My vet charges $5 to trim Tank’s nails, so I’ve been having her do it since he’s a spoiled rotten little guy and behaves better for her than he does for me. Our mini schnauzer goes to the groomer about every 5 weeks (Her nails look about like Conrad’s, so I prefer not to trim them if I can avoid it) and our setter is easy to trim. Husband holds her, I trim.

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