Weenie Wednesday: Spa Day

Conrad has an appointment with a mobile groomer today! Fingers crossed all goes well and that this is a less stressful solution for nail trims. He gets a bath, too, but at least he’s easy to bathe!

4 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Spa Day

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  1. Aw lucky boy! My Pugs HATE having their nails done. I have to take them to the vet to have it done. It’s really embarrassing, I feel like a terrible mother with their behavior for it!


  2. how did it go? I am always intrigued by those mobile pet grooming vans but never used one before. Ollie is not a good groomer. Gretchen falls asleep while being groomed 🙂 But my current groomer has worked on Ollie so much he is better I hope when we move and I find a new groomer we dont start at phase 1 again LOL…

    I never ever ever met a dachshund who wanted his nails done 🙂


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