Show Outfit Details

One of my favorite parts of showing is picking an outfit. This show was no different.

I should really do a proper review of the AA Motion Lite because it is an outstanding show jacket for the price. I pulled it out of the closet again for Saturday because I knew even the morning would be uncomfortably warm. I’m am never wearing a wool coat again, and I want a navy Motion Lite now. Just waiting on another Riding Warehouse sale …

I chose a Le Fash shirt to wear under my jacket, perhaps bucking the white trend a little. I periodically check in on the Le Fash sale section of the website for good deals, and got this shirt that way.

There are so many options for show breeches now, it can be hard trying to decide which ones to pick. For this show, I wore the George H Morris Add Back breeches from the George H Morris Collection and I LOVE them. I stayed comfortable and dry in them all day and it was 100F in the afternoon. I was done showing, but felt no need to change out of these breeches because of how comfortable they are. And y’all … these breeches look great but they are under $100. How many breeches do you have that you can say that about?


A show outfit is not complete without a belt, and while it would be most traditional to wear a black belt with black boots, I thought a fabric Mango Bay belt would be more comfortable on such a hot day. And I am into mixing prints, so art nouveau print with plaid? Yes.

I showed in my Ego 7 boots again this time — you can see my reviews on them here and here.

15 thoughts on “Show Outfit Details

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  1. love that mango bay belt. You look so pulled together. I usually look like i have been pulled backwards thru a hedge HA…..

    Like the coat too but dont need another coat, DO NOT need another coat. LOL


  2. I wore my green motion lite for the first time Saturday and I love it! Wore a black rj the next day for my equitation and wasn’t nearly as comfortable and the rj was much more expensive. Thanks for the recommendation!
    Do those breeches run long at all? I’m so afraid to buy any breeches that aren’t longs…


  3. 100% about the motionlite costs, they are the BEST for hit weather. I’m obsessed with mine as well and cant imagine wearing anything these days that doesn’t breathe.

    Interested in the GHM breeches, where did you get yours? Do they run the same as TS sizing?


    1. The GHM breeches are on, and Riding Warehouse has a good deal on them if you buy two pair. I got them for my birthday so my guess is those places 🙂 The Add Backs seem very similar to the low rise Trophy Hunters but it’s a more athletic fabric, and they are longer and maybe slightly slimmer in the calf– these actually fit my calf instead of being baggy like basically any other breeches.


  4. I like the GM breeches too! I have a green pair. I also have not one but TWO brand new motion lite coats just waiting for me to come out of show retirement…
    LOVE that color blue of your jacket. Looks so pretty on Eli!


    1. The green is sooooo pretty! You need to get unretired so you can wear your Motion Lites.

      I have always liked French blue on a mahogany bay. It’s hard to pick between this color and dark green.


  5. Love, love, love the coat. I want the navy one. Is it acceptable for hunters and eq? Because I need a jacket that can be worn in the Texas heat.


    1. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, especially the navy. You can’t tell it’s mesh when it’s worn, and it’s traditionally styled otherwise, with a 3-button placket and double vented.


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