Show Prep Must-Haves

Beyond the obvious … like don’t forget your saddle … or show clothes (I did that once. Oops.) … there are a few things that I make sure I have for Eli and me at a show. I know we don’t show very often, but I think I’ve got a routine down now as far as packing and schooling beforehand.

Back on Track Quick Wraps

I have the 14″ pair and the 16″ pair and throw these on Eli before classes. I am considering shipping him in them, because it’s only like a 20 minute trailer ride to the venue and I haven’t bought new extra long standing bandages yet. Shipping in them is not my favorite idea, but I know it’s been done.


This stuff is great. I actually sometimes use it at home *after* a ride if we worked super hard. But for showing, Eli gets some the day before, and another syringe the day of. He seems to enjoy the taste. Plus you can’t beat the price.

ITBF Bonnet (with mesh ears)

This is strictly for schooling, but it’s basically Eli’s thinking cap. Although I think we might be schooling Friday afternoon … it might be too hot even for mesh ears.

KIWI Color Shine Liquid Black Polish

I am too lazy to actually polish my boots, but this comes close. No buffing required!


You can’t have too many. I plan to throw a few into my groom box — they are great for wiping boots, wiping noses, drying hands, cleaning the outside of my helmet … I just pick up a handful from Target or where-ever. If I could plan ahead at all, Amazon sells packs of 24 for $15.

Vetrolin Shampoo

If Eli finds mud somehow, I’ll be ready. I love this stuff. Eli is getting a bath tonight, but this is going in my groom box, too, just in case.

What do y’all just have to have while you’re out there showing your ponies?

19 thoughts on “Show Prep Must-Haves

  1. FLY SPRAY! I always underestimate how much the flies annoy Sterling so now I have like 3 bottles in my horse trailer/tack trunk/pickup. Spray bottle with water/alcohol mix because I have a white/grey horse and he loves to find poop to sleep in. At cooler weather shows I also take all my BOT gear (mesh sheet, hock wraps, etc.), but I don’t use them at the warm/hot shows because they just make him more miserable than he is already. And Perfect Prep, either the pellets or the syringe. Sterling gets a bit of anxiety at horse shows and this helps him to relax. Oh, and omeprazole because he inevitably will go off his feed and make his tummy hurt.


  2. Hahaha I call our bonnet Frankie’s thinking cap too!
    We’re starting to bring liniment with us now- we’re stepping up our aftercare since his workload is harder. I’m lucky that as long as I pack all my tack, Trainer brings all grooming and care supplies for common use. I even forgot my show coat once and was able to pick from the extra wardrobe she keeps in the trailer. There’s a reason I call her my life coach ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. I’m a chronic over-packer so I won’t hijack your comments section with what I bring to shows… But I will second that Vetrolin shampoo! It rinses easily, smells nice, and isn’t too pricey.
    Along the lines of things forgotten… both of these happened when I was just a little in my first year of getting to show. One show I forgot my bridle, and another my helmet. Oops.


  4. My husband always knows not to speak when I suddenly stop moving in the middle of packing because that would be me going through my mental checklist. I would say my number one thing though is a bucket. You will, somehow, always need a bucket with horses lol.


  5. Chairs to sit in, a pocket knife, extra hair ties, grooming chalk to cover last minute spots… I used to bring a LOT more when I had my own trailer tack room to pack full.


  6. Liniment is a def for me — I like to do a quick liniment bath after long show days. I actually shipped Niko in BoT quick wraps on the way home from the show (hind only) and they worked fine — it was about a 20 minute trip, so not long but I had forgotten my standing wraps at home (oops)


  7. Well….the second most important thing, after the horse of course, is some sort of beer! LOL. I am happy as long as my horse gets to the show and then I can have a drink.


  8. My trunk comes to shows- so I have all things always! My barnmates joke about my trunk because it’s so huge- but they also know who to come to when they need something! I love my BoT gear, it’s a definite must have.


    • My trunk used to go to A shows, but it is super beat up at this point and unnecessary for the local shows anyway. I also leave my trunk unlocked for the same reason — I have ALL THE STUFF.

      I am really happy with the BoT quick wraps. It’s always nice when a product does what it says it will do.


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