Weenie Wednesday: Summer Routine

We probably should walk even earlier in the morning on the weekends than we do — it’s pretty baked-feeling by 9am here.

I am also a little sad — the park’s basketball and tennis courts will be accessible only with a key card soon, so I won’t be able to let Conrad run around on them (unless I get a key card, for which there is a fee of course). Whenever I have let him loose in one of the courts, there was NO ONE around. But I think the neighborhood wants to enforce the evening hours a little more strictly — it’s easy to hear people on the courts past the cut off time in the evenings, and I guess people have complained. The roller hockey rink will stay open, however …

Back to avoiding the heat and the bugs — Conrad is very sensitive to bug bites and he doesn’t even want to stay outside for very long in this bug-friendly weather. So we hang out inside, in our chair.

All Conrad has to do to get my attention is stare at me.

This could mean “take me out,” or “throw me a rope toy,” or “it’s time for bed, mommy.” I just ask which it is and he gets the most talkative when I hit on the right answer. He has been very vigilant lately about alerting me to any outside activity — from a car door closing to a neighbor mowing, he lets me know, and I have to reassure him that for one, he is a good guard dog, and two, he doesn’t need to keep barking.

I ordered him some duck liver treats today, so it’ll be interesting to see if he likes that flavor. He has tried the lamb and beef of the same brand and goes crazy for them.

10 thoughts on “Weenie Wednesday: Summer Routine

  1. Love conrad and his expressions. ollie starts playing up around 8 pm wanting to go to bed. before we packed up his huge lot of toys (dont worry he still has plent!) he used to pull everything squeaky out and start squeaking them to get our attention. HA dogs so funny.

    Sorry about the loss of the tennis courts that sucks. esp if people arent using them when you are there….


    • Squeaky toys do not last in Conrad’s jaws. But he gets his rope toys or torn up stuffingless toys to play with … sometimes he picks out a very specific nylabone to chew on and will move other toys to get to it …


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