Summer Riding Style 2018: Breeches

Does it seem like there is a dizzying array of breeches flooding the market lately? Four brands in particular have caught my eye (for some this would not be the first time).

Botori Taylor leggings

Botori appeared over the winter, and now their summer riding pants have hit the market, complete with colored knee patches and mesh. I guess these are more tights than breeches? A friend just got a pair, and she is loving them. I am still obsessed.

PS of Sweden Noomi breeches

Not only can PS make stylish and functional bridles, saddle pads, and wraps — complete with sparkling browbands — they can make gorgeous breeches. I love this shade of dark blue!

Ghodho Aubrie breeches

I have enjoyed Ghodho’s breeches in the past, and they keep coming up with new designs that have my wallet running away from me. I want a pair, but I am balking at the price tag a bit.

GHM Add Back breeches

Okay, THESE I actually own, and I have been very pleasantly surprised and impressed. This is a new line of breeches from the makers of Equine Couture, and they offer quite the palette of on-trend colors. I got a few pairs for my birthday, and y’all can expect a more thorough review soon!

9 thoughts on “Summer Riding Style 2018: Breeches

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  1. I just felt the new Ghodos at a tack store last weekend and they feel awesome. Techy, almost Animo-y. I didn’t try any on because I just saw them on my way out the door, but I was impressed. They had them in this amazing green color too.
    I don’t think I’m allowed to shop for breeches while I can’t even ride…


      1. I would agree except I just moved all of mine and… they take over an entire tote. Might need to do some purging. But… might not.
        (I also own 6 pairs of boots so whatever at this point it’s a lost cause, right?!)

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  2. I too am super curious about the PS of Sweden breeches! Someone needs to buy them and let us know how they are… But I’ve been watching them and waiting for people to talk about them before I maybe attempt to buy a pair since I’m wincing a little at the price tag lol. These all look really nice though! That mesh on the tights is interesting….


  3. I have sworn to my husband that I wont buy any breeches for awhile but…. I sooo want to! I’m actually holding our fir the kastel ones to be released, and hoping the price point isnt ridiculous!


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