Weekend + Rides This Week

I had a long weekend for good reason — I needed Monday to recover from working seven days straight. At least Saturday and Sunday were fun work, not desk work. Mostly.

The barn hosted a local schooling show on Saturday, which meant I got to play with ponies all day. It was a fun day, and all of the barn’s riders rode so well. Plus the prizes this time around were awesome and Eli got a few little tubs of treats that were left over from a division that got combined.

oops didn’t hook my chin strap

After Eli’s day off on Saturday, I jumped him a little bit on Sunday.

Simple from patentlybay on Vimeo.

He totally gets his job, and I think I am getting more consistent at doing mine. I worked with ponies again Sunday afternoon, and then celebrated Mother’s Day and two birthdays with Whataburger and German chocolate cake.

Having Monday off helped me to recover somewhat from a busy weekend, and I just hacked Eli around very lightly, spent most of the time walking in the fields. He got Tuesday off (the weather was iffy, anyway–crazy lightning!) and on Wednesday he felt pretty much fantastic. He got to try his Veredus sheepskin pastern boots. Hard to say long-term whether they’ll help or not since we’ve only used them once, but they definitely don’t hurt.

Eli also got a new bonnet — embroidery on mesh ears is real and it’s amazing.

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  1. Nice jump on the video! Talk about a perfect distance. I also just got pastern wraps for Rio (the equifit ones, because they are the only ones that come in wide). We’ll see how they end of working, I’m excited to see how you like yours!


    1. The ones I got are almost too small, but once the sheepskin mushed down they fit okay. I heard a lot less “clicking” in Eli’s canter with them on, which I thought was interesting.


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