Weenie Wednesday: Oopsie?

Conrad had a bit of a rough week last week and through the weekend. A delivery guy knocked really loud on the front door, which startled Conrad, and though no one saw it, we think he maybe bonked himself somewhere somehow responding to the loud knock. He was very stiff the evening after this incident, although he was much less stiff the next day. He seemed recovered by Friday, but then he didn’t get much good sleep on Saturday, and he’s been a bit pokey in the mornings.

However, this morning, he seemed 100% himself. He is still quite itchy, and I am working on solutions for that. He ate his breakfast voraciously and chased down a Milkbone — he likes to pick them up and toss them and bat them around with his paws. Who knew Milbones could be so fun?

I think I might get him some pet stairs, too. He has step stools to get on furniture, but I think if I can teach him to use stairs it would be better than him jumping, even though he never has to jump high.

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  1. My dachsies (And ollie now) always used stairs. Schnauzer never GRHHH I wish Gretchen would use them but Ollie uses them every day never jumps up or down off bed. I have something like this: https://www.chewy.com/pet-gear-easy-step-iii-pet-stair/dp/51444?utm_source=google-product&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=hg&utm_content=Pet%20Gear&utm_term=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwuMrXBRC_ARIsALWZrIiwdzdA3YY91tS1JODD2IXc_smnIU7AGzjP0xUeKX5mtQh4Rj071S8aAslhEALw_wcB

    Once you get them sit on the bed and have someone position Conrad at the bottom of the stairs and entice him up with milkbones (HA) then he will have it figured out in no time….I am sure you might even be able to find some used stairs but they arent that expensive. Most important thing is make sure they are sturdy so they hold them (Some are flimsy).

    Bless him I hope he is okay. LOL on him bumping his head. His face is so sweet! 🙂 I hope you figure out the itchies too!


    1. I am considering all stair options! Conrad actually should have no problem with going up and down stairs — I have a two-story house, so he does stairs every day.

      Fortunately I don’t think he bonked his head — I think he may have tweaked a shoulder somehow. I freaked out for half a day wondering whether I should go get his spine x-rayed! But he’s back to his wiggily-waggily self now 🙂

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      1. oh my those dachsies are a worry 🙂 The stairs will def help him from tweaking sore muscles unless they go up at a tail spin like Ollie does (One night I woke up in the ngiht and he had gone down to get water and fell off the stairs I turned on the light he was like half asleep, hubby never even heard it LOL)….give conrad a pat for me he is so sweet

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  2. I want to get Wynston stairs for the bed. He has a bad knee, and I worry about him jumping up and down off of the bed. WIth his energy level I don’t know if he would use them though! He does a lot of Superman-ing off of the bed. Glad to hear that Conrad is feeling better. I recently ordered a sign saying “please don’t knock, dogs inside” for Wynston. Any time the delivery man knocks and we aren’t home he tends to have accidents.


    1. I need a sign like that!

      I have a little bench by the bed that Conrad hops up on to get on the bed but I think he might need stairs anyway.


  3. Awww poor Conrad! I got Choco this ramp from Amazon (used for about $20 less) and she seemed to take to it well. I think she’s just got some aches and pains since she’s up in age tho and it’s easier to pick her up than have her go up a ramp, but hey the thought was there right? lol I’m probably going to keep it tho for future (cause I do want a doxie) it’ll just be a matter of storing it….lol https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0030MRXA0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


    1. I am waffling between ramp and stairs … I think I want something kinda squishy instead of hard plastic but I might go to some local pet stores to see stuff in person before deciding.

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