Not a Total Washout

So Friday, a major storm rolled through the area and made riding impossible. However, this did not make eating cheese and chocolate impossible, so there’s that. I don’t always remember to take pictures of food, so just imagine a giant brownie topped with ice cream.

Not Austin.

Saturday, I had dinner and concert plans in another town. Both dinner and the concert were glorious. And my friend and I were there for the first act on the double bill so we even got to leave early! Nothing like partying like a 40-year-old …

The venue looked like The Temple of Doom

The sitting area of the women’s restroom at the venue. This is not the kind of bathroom I typically encounter at a concert.

It was pretty easy to tell who was here for this band and who was here for the next act … fans of this band were dancing. As was I.

I figured the arenas would be dry enough to ride by Sunday evening, so I planned to ride after working in the afternoon. Indeed, the footing was great and although Eli had been stuck inside, he was completely manageable under saddle. He didn’t feel as supple as he usually does, but I can’t blame him after just hand walks for two days. I also got to try out some new fetlock boots, so head’s up for a forthcoming review.

Looking at the forecast today, summer has officially started here. Eli gets the roller ball spurs for flat work for the next few months because Summer Eli is lazier than Winter Eli.

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