Weenie Wednesday: Integrity

I am slightly hijacking Conrad’s day to appreciate what Enviro Equine and Pet has done in response to one of their sponsored riders running cross country AGAIN on a horse with a bloody mouth. When Enviro Equine and Pet announced that they had ended their relationship with Marilyn Little, I thought my best chance of expressing appreciation would be to purchase products from them. The company responded quickly, with integrity — that shows me what animal welfare means to them. While it’s disturbing that I discovered this brand because of a horse welfare controversy, I am glad I did! Conrad will get to try their Healthy Hound Treats and their Fly Spray PLUS Wipes.

Hoping the wipes help with making him less itchy

To be honest, I am almost MORE disturbed by the tightness of RF Scandalous’s noseband during all three phases of the LRK3DE competition. And sadly, other nosebands looked too tight to me, too. While the literature is not voluminous, more and more studies are looking at how tack and equipment and how it’s used affect competition horses. (I am seeing more and more studies of horses and their behavior in general, which is very gratifying to me.) I’d like to highlight two recent studies, the results of which are both available for free online at PLOS ONE.

The Effect of Noseband Tightening on Horses’ Behavior, Eye Temperature, and Cardiac Responses

Noseband Use in Equestrian Sports – An International Study

They are about nosebands, as you can see. The findings will hopefully not only trigger more and larger studies, but will be noticed by governing bodies of horse sports and taken seriously.

You still get Conrad pictures, anyway!

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  1. I actually keep Amber’s noseband really loose, not because of those articles (I found them later which made me so happy that people are actually looking into this!) but when I first started english she just seemed bothered by something. The only thing really different was the bridle (I’d never used a noseband on her in western). So I hopped off, loosened the noseband and – back to her old self. So her noseband always has 2+ fingers of space in it. I was wincing a bit too looking at the nosebands during dressage. I am also buying the wipes and dog treats! Already put in the order, and told them too that I’m buying because they immediately responded. Which is….sad that that has to happen. Still, Conrad looks like a happy doxie!


  2. Yes!
    While the blood is terrible she is at least making excuses for it. There is never an excuse for a flash and noseband that tight. Ever.

    The horse world needs to figure their shit out instead of finding new ways to clamp mouths shut.

    Good for you for supporting an ethical company!


  3. Yes i never have Remus’s flash tight. Emily often laughs at me but it works even loose.
    I love Conrad. Gretchen has terrible dry eye (our schnauzer was not taken care of before we got her so she has skin and allergy issues). Have you tried the artificial tear gel? It stays in and helps my vet recommends it. Also Apoquel and Cytopoint are both good allergy things we have had success with our dog and her itchy skin and dry eyes. Dry eyes – tons of gunk coming out of them several times a day) ICK. Apoquel is pills and Cytopoint is an injection. Good luck. Conrad sure is the cutest and looks like he deserves those treats you ordered him 🙂


    1. I have been looking into Apoquel! He doesn’t really have gunk so much as just clear tears. So maybe I just make him sad 😦 Okay, I hope that’s not it but I also don’t want to say I’d rather it were allergies! He doesn’t rub his eyes much but he does lick his paws more during the spring. I might try the artificial tears first to see if that helps!

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      1. make sure you get the gel version it is cheap on Amazon. the drops just run out of the eye. The gel stays and helps and if he has any allergies (or sadness LOL) that will help for sure!!


  4. I always thought that the rule of thumb was 2 fingers under the noseband AND the flash, so I was pretty shocked when I saw MJ’s noseband so tight there was skin bulging on either side of it. There is zero reason to need to have a flash that tight other than a serious hole in training, or if FR Scandalous is that out of control, perhaps she needs a change of discipline.


  5. Yes, that noseband! UGH.
    Jamp wears his fairly snug to show, but not like I couldn’t get a finger or two in there, and that’s without a flash on it. At home he wears a figure 8 that he’s stretched out so much I might as well take it off…
    I don’t even know how you get it that tight. Just disgusting.


  6. Conrad, you’re so cute per usual! I bet he’s glad for some warmer weather!
    The noseband… everything I could say has been said. Doc actually hates wearing a noseband, so he goes without 90% of the time (minus the week leading up to a show and showing). One less strap for me to do too!


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