Unexpected Happiness

It’s not so much that my mood is affected by the weather — my mood is affected by whether or not I can ride, which is at times very dependent on the weather.

Storms rolled through Austin yesterday afternoon, a big blob of green and yellow and red on the weather radar. I realized that the commute to the barn would take ages, and I wouldn’t be able to ride. I left work at 6:15, thinking I would just give Eli a good curry and some apples.

I got to the barn around 7:15, and the footing was PERFECT. The barn saw just enough rain to diminish the dust. Lessons stopped because of lightning, but by the time I got there, the lightning had moved on.

I was so much happier than I expected to be, just from having a nice ride on Eli.

Eli probably would have been fine just eating apples, but he is always so willing to work. I know we will still have tough rides every once in a while, but most of the time it feels like we are synced up and he is always so responsive. I got really lucky, having a chance to own a horse like this!

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  1. Having a good ride and knowing you are in synch with your horse is such a wonderful feeling. I had one of those rides today and especially since I had a health scare with hi last week it seemed doubly wonderful.


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