Missed It Monday

I had plans to ride Eli last night … until a dump truck spilled its load across I-35 … right at the exit I take to get to the barn …

While this is beyond my control, it does not alleviate the guilt I feel when I can’t get out to see Eli, whether to ride or not. I get sucked into the rabbit hole of anthropomorphism, literally worrying that Eli will worry that I won’t come back. He nickers loudly at me every time I walk in the barn in the evenings, fully expecting me to pull him out of his stall as soon as he sees me. Which I usually do. And so I think he must feel disappointed if I don’t show up … which is actually really vain and idiotic, but I am human and humans are vain and idiotic.

Probably enjoyed his day off

I also have this same experience with Conrad, as I leave for work every day.

How do I explain he gets his favorite treats because I pay for them?

All I can do is reassure them both I am going to keep showing up! Perhaps they understand.

6 thoughts on “Missed It Monday

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  1. I dont think I realized you were in Round Rock. SO Now when I come to meet Presto finally(and see Amanda) i can come meet you and Eli and maybe even Conrad 🙂 HA

    Just so you know my conference (my work) is in July in Austin so I will be there for at least a week. May try to arrange something while I am there (YES I STALK PEOPLE, LIVE WITH IT:) ask Amanda HA!

    Also I am sure he did just fine without you showing up one day. And what a holy mess that must have been for traffic. UGH. We had a truckload of bees fall across our interstate one day near here. that was a mess I tell you!


    1. Yes, I would be down for a meet up! I haven’t met Presto either and I live here. July is a weird time for a conference in Austin because, you know, everything melts.

      It was definitely a cluster f but I think a spill of bees would be a step beyond into horror movie territory.

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