Two Hats

I know many readers may not be following closely, but just in case …

I have boarded horses at the same barn for a long time. I hope to continue to board horses there for a while — as long as I have horses, I don’t want to board anywhere else, really. But this barn has a new owner now.

From my perspective, not much has changed. Eli still receives excellent care, and thoroughly enjoys the new owner’s feeding program, too. I still ride with my trainer. I still feel very much at home at the location. The new owner has gone to great lengths to accommodate all the clients, and the former owner most definitely deserves a leisurely retirement!

So you may see me wear my Kings Bridge baseball cap, but now you are just as likely to see me wearing my Hilltop baseball cap. I am very happy to call Hilltop Eli’s home!

6 thoughts on “Two Hats

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  1. Wow that is so awesome/lucky that the new owners are so great! I feel like too often when a boarding property changes hands it can lead to conflict/disruption. So happy you and Eli experienced a smooth transition!


  2. There are plenty of crazy horse people out there, but I’m pretty convinced there are just as many if not more (just quieter) lovely horse people. Glad you’re with some of the lovely ones 🙂


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