Still Not Cantering Enough

I tend to reward Eli very quickly when he gives me the canter I want. And that reward is walking.

Clearly, I am falling a few minutes short of how much we should be cantering.

But I don’t wear a watch. I have no idea why trotting doesn’t feel longer than the cantering but obviously it is.

So I think rather than timing myself, I am just going to canter for what feels like “too long” for me until “too long” feels just right. It might mean a more gradual build up to cantering enough, but I prefer than to being overtaxed.

7 thoughts on “Still Not Cantering Enough

  1. I love that your reward is to walk. That’s the best reward for the ponies!
    as for work, I seem to Walk and Trot alot more than Canter. I do dressage so i do more transition work than gallops or hill work. The transitions, backward and forward from trot to canter are a great workout anyway i guess.
    I like your new way of thinking, just go with what feels right, sounds like a great plan mate
    Mel x


  2. ugh i resonate with this posting so much. I would much rather trot and walk than canter. Canter is my ballyhoo and Remus is not good at it so we tend to avoid it. Now you are making me see I need to canter MORE to get over that feeling of not wanting to canter. Thanks for the post. I literally will canter halfway round the ring and reward Remus with a walk too thinking yay he didn’t buck, he didn’t break, he didn’t do anything whew that is done. HA!


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