I Want My Weekend Back

This weekend was a bit of a bust. While Friday evening was enjoyable, warm outside, and nacho-filled, Saturday showed up teeth bared. How can weather go from 80° to 39° in less than a day? WHY? I was dreading going out the barn Saturday morning, totally trying to figure out how to wuss out of riding in 39° and sustained winds gusting constantly. Well, as it happened, although I did not get much rain at all overnight at my house, the barn must have had a downpour — both rings too wet to ride, and the grass was slick in the fields. Maybe even icy, but I wasn’t about to go check. Eli got treats and more treats, and grooming, and hand walking in the barn, which is boring, unless all the horses are lit up from cold weather, then it’s … not boring. I even put Eli’s stable blanket on for the whole day–luckily his blankets were still in my car and I hadn’t sent them out for cleaning yet. Almost everyone had already taken their blankets home! But it stayed right around 40° all day and that is totally blanket weather here.

Sunday started cold but warmed up nicely. I worked all day, so by the time I got out to the barn, I had run out of steam and just took Eli for a walk outside. It was much warmer overnight last night and I am hoping riding is an actual possibility this evening. Between the weather and work, I did not get much of a weekend. Conrad did get a bath, finally!

He’s been itchy from all the bugs and pollen — I hoped a bath would help but he’s still a little itchy, poor guy. At least he got a break from bug bites on Saturday.

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  1. It’s funny how the temperatures mean different things based on location. It was 42 with a little wind yesterday when I went to ride and the sun was coming in and out so I rode outside. A bit chilly but so much better than the indoor. All my horses are just in sheets right now since it’s so cloudy and windy lately.
    I’m not sure if it has something to do with what’s used in rings for footing but I wonder what you mean by the rings being too wet to ride? I’ve noticed L say they close rings where she is when it rains as well. Here we will slosh around in the puddles if we need to just to ride outside.
    I hope you get some good riding weather this week!


    1. If it had been the middle of winter, it think 42 with a little wind wouldn’t be bad, but 40 with gusting winds is really cold when it was 80 and sunny the day before.

      Only one of our rings has all-weather footing, but if there is standing water it’s really easy to punch through the arena footing to the base, and the owner doesn’t want the base torn up. The larger ring has some clay in the footing, so it can get very slick if wet enough. The all weather ring was fine yesterday, though — we basically just missed one day of riding.


  2. If Conrad stays itchy, I highly recommend asking your vet about Apoquel. It’s a little expensive, but it has helped Tank drastically with his sneezing and itching when his allergy issues have flared up. He is not on it constantly, but I have him on it periodically when he has a flare up.


    1. Yeah, I will probably call his vet this week if he stays itchy. Shampoo and the little anti-itch spray I have for him don’t seem to be quite enough.


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