Rides This Week

First off, riding in daylight — and even better, at sunset! — has been pretty sweet this week. I haven’t done a whole lot with Eli other than just w/t/c and popped over some x-rails. He can get a bit twitchy in low light, so I have just been letting him get used to the change. He’s been simple!

He also got shoes yesterday and felt great under saddle. I made it out to the barn while the farrier was still there so I was able to chat with him about the progress of Eli’s RF and then just in general about his conformational challenges in his hind end (his hind shoes wear a bit oddly). The farrier also used copper-coated nails this time around and we talked a little about the benefits of those, too. Eli is on a good path right now, so we’re sticking with it.

I also had a pretty good mail day earlier this week. The French link is for later — I think it might be a better bit for showing than the HS Dynamic RS. I will probably try it Sunday if the weather holds up. I wore these Roeckl Madrid gloves last night and, much like every other pair of Roeckls, I LOVE THEM. I’ll be posting a full review next week.

Yay it’s finally FRIDAY!


8 thoughts on “Rides This Week

  1. It is amazing how being able to ride in daylight (and outdoors) improves my work ethic! (And possibly May’s too!) Rides in the dark & indoor? 30 min max. Rides outside? going up on an hour mostly due to the ability to walk outside the arena.


  2. Yay for good rides and a good horse πŸ™‚ i have not gotten a pair of Roeckls yet but everyone tells me they are the best. i have a couple set of no name cheap ass gloves due to my inability to hold onto them (like socks) LOL Glad you are getting to ride more and glad Eli is doing well (AND YAY TO MORE DAYLIGHT!) I get to ride today and hope i remember how LOL (The snow and ice is leaving here but still sketchy riding at the barn due to it). COME ON SPRING πŸ™‚


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