Eating Habits

This is a check in for me, and my horse, and actually my dog, too! So a little while back, I decided I needed to stop eating so much crap. Right around the same time, Eli decided to change his diet, too. And of course Conrad’s appetite has improved since he had his teeth cleaned.


First, me: I haven’t had a doughnut recently, I am no longer eating a metric tonne of peanut M&Ms daily, and I am consuming worthwhile calories at breakfast instead of granola-bar-type products that are just basically a bunch of sugar anyway. Two thumbs up to Soylent’s Cacao and Chai flavors. I have always struggled with eating solid food in the mornings, and these are a nice alternative. I am still drinking a gallon of coffee. That will never, ever change. My clothes all still fit, so I guess I am on the right track. Although, I probably did not need to eat grilled cheese for lunch twice this week.

Eli: He’s eating normally again. I think I did due diligence here to rule out any teeth issues. He likes the barn grain now, apparently. He can have it! My wallet likes it, too. He is also eating a lot of hay. I think he might even be putting on a little more weight. I was worried he would drop weight but it doesn’t look that way at all right now.

Conrad: After Conrad had his teeth cleaned and two more incisors extracted, he has been eating really, really well. He wasn’t eating poorly before, just slowly and with less enthusiasm than what he is showing now. He is gobbling his breakfast and loves chewing up a little Milkbone after. I think next year for his dental, I might consider asking the vet about cleaning twice a year instead of just once a year.

So, that’s about it. Maybe in another month or so my pants won’t feel quite so snug, ha!

16 thoughts on “Eating Habits

  1. My pants have been snug too lately! Part of it is I’m just not out riding as much as I used to unfortunately but I’ll hopefully be swimming and gym-ing soon lol. So glad that the foods you’re trying for breakfast are working!


  2. Sugary foods are hard for me to avoid too. I need to refrain from falling into temptation. Thankfully I quite like my veggies, so eating good things isn’t a problem for me, but not eating baked things is!


  3. I like that phrase, “worthwhile calories.” It’s just a really nice, quick framework for thinking about how food fuels your body. I have the biggest sweet tooth but I also enjoy eating healthy foods. Everything in moderation, right?


  4. Winter is always harder for me! It’s cold, I don’t want to be outside, I want to consume carby, cheesy things like I’m some midwestern settler who needs sustenance to make it, Laura Ingalls Wilder-style. Once it’s warmer and I’m outside more, I crave fresh fruits and vegetables and lighter things and my diet improves without even trying.


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