Slow News Day

All we have here is rain, so footing everywhere is sopping with standing water. I am stuck with hand walking Eli. After a day of sunshine, the fields might have dried out enough for walk/trot, but by the time I get to the barn it’s almost dark. And then it rains again anyway. This leads to insufferable boredom. It’s also a recipe for putting Eli off his feed …

standing water from patentlybay on Vimeo.

Although, week ago now, when Eli was in regular work and had play time in turnout daily, he slowly began to protest his grain. Then it started raining, and he flat out stopped eating his regular grain. He still had plenty appetite for treats, apples, hay. We decided to mix his grain with the barn grain and he started eating again, but still leaving some in his feed box. I didn’t bother buying any more of his feed. I dumped what little was left on Saturday, and Eli got the barn grain. And he started eating all of it, licking his feed box clean. During all this I scheduled the vet to come check his teeth, because I couldn’t think of why else he’d not eat. He has not been running a temperature during this time, and his behaviors have been typical of him. When I was able to ride him he felt great under saddle. He just … changed his mind about what he wanted to eat somehow. I am keeping the appointment on Wednesday because I still want his teeth checked. Eli always comes up with something creative before a show, something that convinces me to call his vet every time.

pea-sized hail from patentlybay on Vimeo.

The forecast doesn’t look so great for the show this weekend. I’ll know more by the end of the day Wednesday. Until then, I will be hand walking Eli and keeping an eye on his feed box.

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  1. the sun is out today here! I could not find my sunglasses this am (or my debit card but that is par for the course for me) before going to work! LOL…I hope Eli keeps eating the barn grain. If Remus ever went off his feed I would have to call the vet immediately. He does not miss many meals! Hope the weather report changes for the weekend (We are supposed to get rain tg=hurs and frid and maybe clearing but weekend BUT 50s and 40s and the ground is so soaking wet now ugh).


  2. It’s NEVER GOING TO STOP RAINING. Except for today. But I’m at work and had to teach… And this mud will never dry up. Ever.

    Hopefully Eli starts eating. I hate picky horses. I own 2 garbage disposals and the world’s pickiest eater ever.


  3. Irish has always been a picky eater. It’s driven me nutty. I started him on Lysine before Christmas and he now clean up everything. Which is the first time in 8 years.


    1. Eli is my first truly picky eater. I am never going to let him near any of the truly expensive feeds because he’ll take one bite and refuse everything else, I’m sure.


  4. I had a picky eater once.It can be hard to decipher just why they go off their grain. The horse I have now will eat like there is no tomorrow so if he goes off his food I call the vet right away! I hope your weather will improve.


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