Weenie Wednesday: More Extractions

Conrad had his annual dental cleaning on Monday, and he had two more incisors pulled.

I felt pretty sorry for him, and I could tell his mouth hurt and he didn’t know why. The vet gave him pain medication, but that first night after getting home from the vet was a tough one for Conrad. He slept much better Tuesday night and I give him his last pain med this evening, so I am hoping he is feeling fully recovered! Not that we can do anything in this weather. But, I got him some treats and his Grammy got him some treats and he likes both. He is not spoiled. At all.

He was slightly unsure of the rabbit ones at first, I think because of both the texture and the strong smell. But once he actually ate one he wanted more.

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  1. How many teeth has Conrad had pulled? Does he get put under anesthesia for the cleanings?

    Tank had two cleanings in 2016 and had 11 teeth pulled between the two. The first one was done under sedation (without X-rays), the second one was at the university vet hospital because he got a bad infection. The anesthesia was tough on him and he ended up staying at the vet overnight, but felt a lot better even the next day.

    I hope Conrad feels better soon!


    1. Conrad has had a total of 9 incisors extracted. His first cleaning, he had 7 pulled, none his second cleaning, 2 this time. I wish I had started his dental cleanings sooner. He does go under general anesthesia for a cleaning, which, still, I am EXTREMELY apprehensive about. However, I think subjecting an animal to dental procedures without some kind of sedation/anesthetic is, arguably, inhumane. It’s a tough choice for me every time, but I want him to keep as many of his teeth as possible.
      Dachshunds apparently have pretty bad teeth


      1. Chihuahuas don’t have great teeth either, but from what I understand from my former vet, dachshunds are worse. Tank has one incisor left. It looks pretty sad when his mouth is open, but was for the best for his dental health. Tank will be 9 this year, so putting him under again makes me really nervous. I wish I knew about dental cleanings earlier too. Fortunately Tank can still eat fine, but I still feel bad that he’s missing so many teeth.


  2. Dachshunds have the worse mouth and teeth followed by Greyhounds (or vice versa LOL). My dad’s dachshund had so many teeth pulled. he barely had any left by the time he was 14 or 15., Lol Bless him. I hope Conrad is feeling better now.
    Gretchen (schnauzer) had such poor care they pulled 10 of her teeth before we adopted her. She needs another dental in the future but it was quoted at almost 2000 for me so i had to pass right now. jeez…..

    I agree even tho it is scary putting them under is the best way. 😦 Another reason i haven’t done Gretchen yet, we have no idea how old she is but she is elderly. UGH.

    Glad he likes the treats. 🙂 Such a good boy!


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