Weenie Wednesday: Go Away, Winter

Conrad might be over winter. He is getting a little resistant about putting on sweaters. He’ll try to hide under the dining room table, but then he gives up and submits to wearing a sweater. Then I think once he realizes it’s like 36F he’s okay with having it on.

Pretty much everyone in Texas is hoping for warmer weather soon!

digging in the dirt from patentlybay on Vimeo.

But until then, Conrad will wear sweaters on our walks.

He had a check-up last Friday afternoon and he was quite sore from the rabies vaccination (it’s only given every 3 years in Texas, thankfully!) so the following few days, our walks were shorter and sometimes I just carried him, which he seems to enjoy.

I discovered that Ruffwear does make green harnesses now, and I wanted one that fit better for him to wear over his sweaters, so the trusty orange harness is now adjusted to fit over his sweaters, and the green one is for warm days. So I have a blue Ruffwear harness that is a size too big for Conrad, if anyone is looking for a blue M: Girth: 27 – 32 inches Front Range harness. It is an older version so the adjustable straps are grey instead of matching the color of the harness.

It did get a little warm on Sunday, but the cold weather was back on Monday — cold enough for me to ride Eli in his quarter sheet. I just want it to be 85F, partly cloudy, light southerly breeze …

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