Upcoming Events

I can’t say I ever make truly firm plans with what to do with Eli, or myself, from week to week. But I do keep an eye on the show and clinic calendars in my area for things I’d like to go to, provided transportation is available.

sometimes Eli’s trot hypnotizes me (photo by Olivia)

So first up, this weekend, my favorite clinician/trainer from Louisiana is coming back to the barn, and I have tentatively signed up for Friday. The clinic was rescheduled from last weekend due to weather. I say tentatively because Eli will be sitting this one out and if I want to ride, I will have to borrow a horse. Nothing going on with Eli, really — he is just due for some maintenance which he made clear last Friday when I tried to school him over fences with my trainer and one of his known issues resurfaced — his right stifle isn’t right, although it doesn’t present as visible lameness. It’s just time for his injections, which I have done for him in February and August. Although he seems sound on the flat, I think asking for any more jumping would be remiss, to put it mildly, until he gets treatment. So, if a horse becomes available, I will ride in the clinic. If not, I’ll audit and help set jumps.

Perhaps I will play cards this weekend.

In March, the first show of our local circuit happens at its regular venue, and I hope to take Eli in some hunter classes. Which ones will be determined closer to the show. Eli is familiar with this venue at this point, so I hope he won’t be too amped up about it. We should be able to get a stall, too, so that will help.

Of course as soon as Eli’s wool cooler got here, it warmed up.

Anything coming up on your calendars?

17 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. oooh that could be fun to do a catch ride with this clinician, esp since he already knows you as a rider and might get a new perspective seeing you on a different horse. putting together potential schedules for the year is so energizing and exciting lol


  2. I hope you find a ride!! that sounds great. And sounds good all your plans!! I miss Texas LOL! ALSO, watch out for Amanda. If she is in that tack trailer we should all block her from us! #enabler!! 🙂


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