Less is More

So as it turns out, last Thursday evening, when I had hoped to ride, an 18-wheeler jumped the median of I-35 and shut down the highway for a bit, mucking up traffic for hours. Alternate routes were jammed. I took 30+ miles of neighborhood roads to get back to my house from work.
but he was cozy while I struggled through traffic
But I rode on Friday! It was dark! It was cold! It was drizzling! Eli was wild! I don’t care! I rode my pony!
there were these weird popping noises coming from somewhere out in the dark so that was interesting
Okay, so with that set up of Eli not really getting enough work during the week, I did not have expectations of accomplishing much in a lesson on Saturday.
I guess I need to start giving Eli more credit. While we did not do a lot in the lesson because Eli has not been worked consistently lately (weather delay after weather delay), he did everything exactly as I asked and did not exhibit much sass while we jumped a few jumps. Who is this horse?
obv starving
Less is more?

4 thoughts on “Less is More

  1. Isnt it funny (Not haha but odd) that one accident can restructure traffic for miles? Same thing happens up here. ANNOYING! glad he was good and he looks so cute in all those photos. Like all he needs is a halo up there πŸ™‚ Sometimes LESS Is more I find. Glad the lesson went well too!


      1. ha i have seen driving that would curl your toes. LOL idiots. We have this one exit ramp by us off of 95. three or four trucks have tipped going around it in last few years. One truck was bees!! I think they were all a mess to clean up. I am like what is wrong with these people. SLOW DOWN πŸ™‚ LOL


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