Ice Days

While I did not see as much ice at my house as some other areas of town, driving to the barn was out of the question on Tuesday because the main road I take there had iced-over bridges. Work texted to say the library would be closed. This meant spending all day with Conrad.

And actually, I didn’t go to work on Monday or Wednesday, either. Monday was a holiday and I had dental work on Wednesday (which meant I couldn’t drive for a while). I had some time to kill.


I rarely sit down to watch an entire movie, and I solidly avoid movie theaters at this point due to agoraphobia. I don’t watch too much TV, but I am a diehard fan of a few shows. I still haven’t caught up all the way with the X-Files, and I’m already behind in S2 of Victoria, but I finally finished Twin Peaks S3Es18&19. Before I finished Twin Peaks, I watched Blade Runner 2049. I should point out here that my favorite movie all time ever is Blade Runner. (Either the 1992 release or the 2007 release–I have ambivalent feelings about the “happy ending” but Edward James Olmos arguably has the best line in the film in this ending.) (I also have a whole take on why Rutger Hauer’s last few words before the character dies are so illuminating.) So the bar was high for a second installment.

we are the goon squad and we’re coming to town beep beep

If you enjoy sci-fi, psychological thrillers, and stunning cinematography, watch this movie. It’s immaculate. It’s also heavy-handed, but so was the first one. I think most fans of the first one will love this sequel. Robin Wright’s performance especially stands out to me as phenomenal. And Hans Zimmer’s score truly sets a chilling atmosphere for a dystopia that doesn’t seem so unrealistic or that far off, and somehow the sets play much earthier than those in the first Blade Runner, perhaps due to an almost overwhelmingly chic palette of slate and gold, hinting that perhaps in every scene these characters are wandering a labrynthine mausoleum. The origami unicorn concedes to a wooden horse.

I will most likely re-watch Blade Runner 2049 very, very soon. As for any more TV, I have Black Mirror and Dark at the top of my list of things to watch ASAP.

Card Games

care to zoom in on my dental bill? ugh.

On Wednesday, Jump Off Deck 2 from Equestrians Against Normalcy arrived and I immediately set to playing with the cards, easily coming up with snarky yet truthful combinations. I cannot wait for the H/J deck to be released!

Online Quizzes

A friend has got me hooked on taking quizzes online. We talk about and take quizzes daily. I have expanded my knowledge of the geography of Africa by … um, a lot. I have striven to learn a little more geometry and endeavored to add more nuggets of science trivia to my brain’s RAM. If you want to take fun, silly, or genuinely educational quizzes online, try Sporcle. I am super hooked on any quiz that asks me to name the animals of certain continents and quizzes dealing with language, for instance, name all the words in Poe’s The Raven that rhyme with “evermore.” I am lucky in that various forms of dementia don’t seem to run in my family, but I would like to keep my brain working well for as long as possible. Of course all these online quizzes are meant to be taken from memory, on the honor system. It’s no fun besting competitors if you’re cheating (unless you’re Kelley Farmer, I guess.)

The only radio station I listen to anymore …

The few times I left my house and drove somewhere, I drove to the barn. It’s a good 20-30 minute drive from my house (depends on traffic and whether I hit the lights timed well) and I discovered that 1st Wave on satellite radio is literally the mix tape I’d be making all my friends (Minus the Elvis Costello–can’t stand that guy. Leave Alison alone, dude.). It’s 80s classic alternative with some late 70s and early 90s tossed in. Where else can I hear Cat People and Bring on the Dancing Horses? I recommend singing both of these songs as loudly as possible.

So, when I can’t play with my pony very much because of ice, the above things suffice to keep me entertained. I really hope I can ride tonight! It’ll be a good time to try a quarter sheet on Eli again.

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